Lake Como 2013

Are there any other Lake Como brides? We are all booked for May 2013 and looking for any ideas, tips, recomendations?


  • Hi, if you should need a photographer i am now taking bookings for 2013 i,m based in uk but travel to different locations of is [email protected]

    Best regards


  • Thanks Jenny but we do have our photographer.

  • Hi HappyBride!  

    Our Lake Como wedding is booked for June 2013!  Where are ou doing it?  How far have you got?  We have booked the venues but are really at the beginning still!  

    happy to share any dertails though - do you have a planner?

    K x

  • Hi HappyBride, we getting married  Lake Como July 2013, all booked & deposits paid. Very exciting.

    Our wedding planner Sally at WeddingBox has been amazing.




  • AmpyAmpy Posts: 51

    Hi ladies

    We are swaying towards Lake Como now - but I was wondering about costs.

    There will be 20-25 guests with us (I will be stranging H2B if he invites anyone else!).

    Does anyone mind telling me what they are paying out for things so we can decide if it is something we can afford.

    Thanks x

  • SGNSGN Posts: 1

    Hi all image

    We are also getting married on Lake Como in June 2013, ordering my dress tomorrow eeeeek!!!We are having our ceremony at Villa Carlotta (wanted outdoor ceremony) and reception at The Grand Hotel Tremezzo, we're staying there for a week in total rather than having a separate honeymoon, also using Sally @ the wedding box...she's fab and well worth the pennies!

    It is pricey but tbh we would have spent more having a wedding in the UK as we would have hundreds of guests instead of 30! x

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  • NicNacNicNac Posts: 41

    Ooooo SGN that's just like us! Have you ever been to Lake Como? We're hoping to go out and have a look at it before we decide 100% (though I have my heart set on it!!)

    It seems like ours is miles away though, we're looking at June/July 2015 image I've bought our wedding gift poem inserts though for our invited haha


  • I'm confused a lot of the venues say its not legally binding and you have to as we'll go to a town hall to get the ceremony done? This is on wedding box site xxx
  • NicNacNicNac Posts: 41

    Hi Gemma

    My understanding is that the Lakes are the most flexible venue wise, it still has to be a town hall if its a civil wedding I think BUT places like Villa Carlotta for example have stunning gardens you can marry in, and I know in Lake Garda they have castles you can marry in and in Torri del Benaco for example the castle has a lemon grove you can marry in as well as the room indoors.

    This is why we changed from Rome because there are only 2 venues really in central Rome for civil weddings and they weren't for us. We wanted somewhere that didn't feel officey if that makes sense? xxx

  • Hi Gemma

    There are lots of villas where you can have a civil wedding on Lake Como. There is also an Anglican church and 2 Catholic churches which accept non-residents.

    As with everything, your choice will very much depend on your budget. Lake Como is the most expensive of the lakes - and the sun sets early (the big mountains), due to the mountains it can sometimes get a little windy as well.

    If you're looking for something special, not too touristy and not overpriced (Lake Como you pay for the name) have you looked at Lake Orta?! It's a gem!!


  • Hi Ladies! I'm also a Lake Como B2B! We have booked Villa Del Balbianello exclusively for the ceremony & are having our reception at Casta Diva Resort & Spa. We have 50 guests coming, although this could rise to 60 (still waiting on a few RSVP'S) Our wedding date is the 19th August 2013! That weekend I celebrate my 24th Birthday, our 6 year anniversary and 1 year anniversary of our engagement, so looking to have a fun-filled, romantic, long wedding weekend with some events leading up to the big day. We do have a planner, but if any of you other lovely Lake Como brides have any advice on entertainment, florists, boat suppliers, photographers, videographers or anything really I'd be interested to hear! Wishing you all a beautiful wedding day!! x 

  • Have you booked your make-up am looking for a mobile lady...? 

  • KirstyAnnaKirstyAnna Posts: 2

    No, nor my hair appt. I'm going to ask my planner/have a look this week. I'll keep u

  • jettejette Posts: 1

    Hi KirstyAnn,

    We were considering the same venues you have chosen for your wedding, but we have gotten very different and extremly pricy offers from wedding planers.

    Could I ask you, what your are paying for Villa del Balbianello?

    Many thanks and have a great wedding!

    Kind regards


  • Hi ladies

    ive been looking for the perfect wedding venue for june/july 2015, first i was thinking positano but just couldnt find the right venue for the right amount of people -also v expensive! now we are thinking Villa del Balbianello?

    Any views on what its like? im thinking of having the whole day there, is it good to do that or have the reception else where?

    thanks for any help image


  • Hi Ladies,

    I got married at Villa del Baibianello- it was fantastic! It had been my dream wedding location for several years. The views there are fantastic. We had a symbolic ceremony there as it was cheaper. I have a few photos on my blog- I need to update it and put more on as soon as I get the photographs from the wedding. (Should be this week).

    We had our reception at Hotel Silvio outside on their terrace.- the food was really good, the views were amazing and the staff were lovely. The hotel own lido di bellagio and we had the option to move there after our meal at the night time, but we decided to stay at the hotel.


  • Gem AGem A Posts: 1

    Hi can anyone recommend a really good hairdresser who would come to a hotel in Bellagio and who won't charge a fortune? thanks!!

  • Ali86Ali86 Posts: 1 New bride


    Does anyone know which Catholic churches accept non-residents?


  • Nic13Nic13 Posts: 2

    If anyone recommends any florists / DJ, Bands etc please let me know! image

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