Blessing/confirmation of marriage after wedding abroad

Hello all - we are getting married in vegas, but our parents are not coming out with us. So, when we come home we would like to have some sort of blessing, or a civil ceremony type thing (i don't know what the options are when you are already married).

Like a sort of mini-wedding or confirmation of our marriage, as our parents can't be at the actual marriage ceremony.

I am not sure where to start, can anyone who has or is planning to do this give me any advice as to what my options are, and what it would entail?


H x


  • lianne1978lianne1978 Posts: 100
    We are getting married at Cyprus having an Anglican wedding. However, prior to booking that we considered having a civil ceremony in Greece and then getting my Parish Vicar to bless the marriage on our return. Have you considered contacting your local vicar/priest?
  • pbfhpunkpbfhpunk Posts: 7
    I'm getting married in NY and my nan can't attend so we're having a humanist blessing, it can be done anywhere (we're having it done in a restaurant!) and non-religious which is what we want and you can have your own type of music and vows, you can make it anytihng yo uwant without the constraints of a more traditional wedding, we're having it done, then a meal for family then a couple of hours rest befor we have our reception a week after getting back form NY

  • MrsRafMrsRaf Posts: 1,802
    hi heatherbelle

    is the wedding in las vegas legally binding?

    if it is then you could ask your local church about doing a blessing - or, if you're not particularly religious, you can organise a humanist ceremony here. you can say any vows and readings you want and do any little traditions like lighting a unity candle or having a sand ceremony etc it's a lovely symbolic thing

    You wont be able to have an actual registry office ceremony as you'll already be married

    if your vegas wedding isn't legally binding then you will need to have either a civil ceremony or a church wedding

    i suggest you search google for "humanist ceremony" or "humanist celebrant"

    good luck!
  • sheltylass32sheltylass32 Posts: 115
    hi we are getting married in cyprus in may and then having a church blessing in july for our family here in shetland, best thing to do is speak to your local vicar and see what he suggests, we are pretty much having a full wedding ceremony but with different wording, hope this helps, good luck , kerryx
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