Lindos Wedding - evening entertainment

Hi All, new to the forum and so far really enjoyed reading lots of posts

Getting married next Sept at St Paul's Church followed by a boat cruise and then on to an amazing beach side restaurant called the Lindian Jewel 

So far have around 35 guests coming out and confused which entertainment to arrange

Choice: Greek Band / Greek Dancers or Disco

My family and friends love a good time - what to you think will go down the best??


Lisa image


  • Hi Lisa,

    We are getting married at St Pauls also in June image

    We are having the greek dancers and bringing our own music on our ipod. Dont think our budget can stretch to the dj but thought by the time we have had our cruise,dinner,speeches and dancers it would be getting late and it seemed like a lot of money just for a couple of hours music. WHat time are you getting married? And do you have wedding planners organising things? We are with Lindos Weddings xx 

  • Hi, apologies in advance as I think Ive posted this thread 3 or 4 times, but I cant see it on the website, however I did get a reply to say someone had replied. Ive emailed the webmaster of Y&YW...very strange!

    Anyway thanks for your reply and nice to hear from another Lindos Bride. Greek Dancers do sound like fun but they only last one hour and as we are gettting married at 3.30pm we would also need to have something else. So undecided what to do!!

    Our planners are Exquisite Weddings who have been very helpful, they also have an online shop for all your extras which I totally love, but really much watch as you can end up spending so much without thinking about it as they have so many nice things on it...I want them all!!

    Where are you having your reception? We have booked the Lindian Jewel which looks amazing and read lots of nice reports about it.

    A whole year to wait, really hope it goes fast as its totally taken over my head. Are you finding it the same??

    Thanks Lisa

  • We are getting married at 3.30 too. Yes it is so easy to spend lots! I looked at Lindian Jewel today and it does look lovely and reviews are very good. Just not sure it has the views over Lindos Bay and the Acropolis which I want. Medeast and Nefelli are top of our list. We have a meeting with our wedding planner in the autumn and will make final decision then so doing lots of research atm! Are you on facebook as Exquisite weddings have a facebook page and it is a good place to ask questions etc and hear from people closer to getting married or have got married there. 


    And yes I am obssessed with everything to do with weddings online and on the tv! Have you started dress shopping yet? I am turning into a bridezilla according to my sister image


    Joanne xx

  • fawny2fawny2 Posts: 174

    Hello Ladies,

    It might seem a long way but it really will go fast esp after you have your UK consulation in the winter.  We had ours last Nov & since then the time has flown by & now it's only 5 weeks on Monday till we get marriedimage I pick my dress up in two weeks really can't wait for that. We are at 4.15pm at St Paul's & then we are having drinks at the beach bar on St Pauls' for an hour, the boat will then pick us up for an hour sea cruise & drop us back at Pallas Beach.  From there will we do the 10min walk up to the Melenos for welcome drinks & our reception.  We are having a saxaphonist play for an hour after the meal but other than that we are not having any entertainmnet, just going to sit & take in the atmosphere & chat with our guests.  Still feeling quite calm at the moment but can't wait to get back to our beloved Pefkos for some sun!

    Fawny x

  • HartMHartM Posts: 1
    Hi brides,

    I got married at St Paul's last year. It was an amazing day.

    We had the guitarist and singer - we choose our own songs which really personalized our service. They were really amazing. It was Mark Usher and his wife who sung for us.

    We thought about having a Greek band but it's hard to appreciate music that you can't understand the music- i didn't really thing it would have enough meaning for a wedding. I wanted my guests to hear some familiar songs.

    We shopped around and finally decided with a DJ, I have to say- it was so much more than a DJ. I can't imagine how the evening would have run without it. He was more of an MC. There was music through dinner and then a really wide range. All my guest commented how good it was. It just so happened that it was Mark again. He runs a wedding entertainment company in Lindos. I would definitely check him out. We booked him direct, he does work with all good planners though as other brides have booked through their planner.

    You will be hot at 3.15, my wedding was in August- I was used to the heat as I have visited many times before, my guests found it difficult though. Perhaps give fans for favors!!

    Best of luck with your special day.

  • Hiya I bet you have decided on your wedding entertainment now, but we got married in 2011 and we got married at 3.30.  Went into Lindos for a few drinks at a bar, the we headed off to Lindos Memories at about 6ish.  We sat down for a meal at about 7ish and had the DJ as master of ceremonies too.  We had the greek dancers for an hour at around 9.30ish and then the Dj played after until 12.  The day went so smooth and our guests loved it....especially the greek dancing.  Hope you have a fab wedding x 

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