Getting married Sorrento May 2013

Hello, Im new to this website and ive just booked our wedding at the Villa Fondi for May 2013! Im sooo excited, but ive never been to Sorrento before so would like advice on everything from past/future brides please image! Im considering Foreigners Club for drinks and canapes, and then to Ristorante O'Parrucchiano for evening meal? But im open to new suggestions. Also, i need advice on flowers, car/mini buses, photographer, hairdresser please image x


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    Hi there, I'm planning on getting married in Sorrento next September so kind of in the same boat. I looked at that restaurant, looks amazing - check out don pedro's as the reviews seem better (but is more out of town). I'm currently debating on the Thomson package or doing it more direct through a hotel as Thomason don't do exactly what we want. I'm trying to work out the residency issue at the moment, Thomson says you have to be there for 4 days (they don't count the day you arrive or weekends) so it would be well into the 14 day holiday before the ceremony. However looking on the net it says there is no residency minimum.....confusing!
  • Hi Girls,

    I am getting married a little further down the coast i think i have decided on a  photographer, he looks really good! His name is Alfonso Longobardi - google him! Has anyone heard any reviews?

    As for the other things, im not sure havent got that far yet, so would be intrested to hear anyones suggestions.

    Im not sure about the residency thing, we are getting married in the middle of a 2 week break anyway so wouldnt really matter to us.

  • Hi,

    I have booked our wedding for September next year through Thomson, have the day confirmed, and already have quite a lot organised.

    You need to be in the country for 4 days before you can get married and they do include the day you arrive and weekends. I know this as I am only there for a week and arrive on a friday and get married on the tuesday.

    I have booked a photographer in the uk as I found a company on here actually that are just branching out to destination weddings and offered an excellent package for less than it would cost for a photographer through Thomson for what look like much better photos and they have already done 2 weddings in sorrento. I can give you the details if you'd like?

    For flowers we get a bouquet and buttonhole as part of the wedding package with thomson and we will go and meet the florist on arrival and tell them what we want.

    We can actually book most things through Thomson directly although from reading a lot of different reviews I believe you can organise a lot much cheaper once your out there quite easily which is what we'll probably do.

    We're pretty much decided on having our reception at the foreigners club. I've read dozens of brilliant reviews and some previous brides have emailed me their photos of the venue when it's all been decorated for them and it looks amazing.

    I've also never been to sorrento and so would also be love to hear anyone else's tips and advice

    Claire x
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    Trez....Yeah ive looked at Don Pedros, brill reviews from them and they seem to sort everything out for you if you want wish is brill. So many nice places there I still cant decide!! 

    Charlie...Alfonso Longobardi looks amazing just googled him, and emailed him for a price list. 

    Claire... Could you please send me the photographer details image im still researching and havent found anyone with my budget lol. Foreigners club is lovely image good choice!! 



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    Thanks Claire that really helped. I phoned Thomson main helpline and they said my local shop had it wrong and it did include the weekends. if you could send the photographer details that would be great for me too.

    Just got to decide between the hotels now......too much choice.

    I'm looking into hiring a boat for an hour for some drinks after the ceremony as well, I'll post any details I find in case you're interested.
  • Hi Trez,

    Would love to know how you get on with finding out about boat hire, bet you would get some lush pics!

  • Hi there

    I am getting married in Sorrento July 2nd 2013 - I too have never set foot on Italian soil. We have booked through Thomsons who so far have been amazing.

    We are staying at the Hotel Bristol and getting married at the cloisters which is a public gallery but I love that fact (very sex and the city lol). I fly out on Friday and get married in the Tues, however I have since heard that the whole stay 4 days thing is complete nonsense and only a gimmick from the travel agents so you have to book accommodation.

    I have already organised transport, photographers (SD Photography who are amazing I might add) a make up artist as I don't want my face sliding off in the heat and the restaurant; which is the foreigners. I have heard great things about the Don Pedro restaurant but also heard bad things about it..... Same everywhere I suppose.

    Sorrento is amazing and I have heard nothing but good things about it - like I say Thomsons have been great.

    Need a hairdresser though the pictures that Thomsons sent through we're horrible - very 80's! So if anyone knows of a good one please let me know. image

    Keep the love coming for Sorrento people!!! X
  • Hi Girls,

    I know of a hair dresser based on the coast, Piero Mansi. I would have thought he would include Sorrento.

    I havent seen his work, not sure what hes like but thought it may be worth looking into.

    I am lucky as I have a hairdresser coming to the wedding!

  • Hi all,

    I'm also using the same photographer as baddawg26 - SD photography. Thomsons can organise the photographer but when they sent through the details I wasn't particularly impressed and could of taken same photos myself. Sd photography just what we wanted which is a vintage reportage style. Have a look at their website, they've done a couple of weddings in sorrento already and are really helpful!

    Baddawg - did you organise the transport from Thomson? This was something I was going to try and sort when I got there to see if I can cut the cost a bit. What did u organise if u don't mind me asking? Also, what makeup did you organise? I've booked a lady called Zoe graham who I've read really good reviews on.

    I'm also looking for hairdresser as I am useless at doing my hair myself, was going to just book that through Thomson but bit worried now by the sound of those photos image

    We have music to organise too still. We think we're 99% certain on having reception at foreigners club, read so many reviews that are great and it looks lovely. What swung it for us was when I was buying my dress, the lady in the shop who was helping me had just come back from sorrento and when I said about the foreigners club she said it was amazing and that it was so good it was the only place they went back to twice! We'll probably make a final decision once we're out there though and we've actually seem them.

    Am very excited by it all but at the same time a little nervous to how it's all going to turn out and hoping we love it as we've not seen anything and won't do until we're there.

    We are also trying to get a price for the wedding party to have a cruise the next day ( to carry on the celebration) haha, we wanted something that included lunch and some nice swimming spots etc, so will let u know about prices when I've got them.

    If anyone else has got any tips or advice on things you've done then let us know as I'm sure we'd all appreciate!


    Hi Claire Carpenter,

    Its Sarah (baddawg26)

    If you send me your email address i will send you the information that Thomsons have sent me - including the dodgy flowergirl hairdresser lol!

    I have had Zoe Graham too heard raving revies about her so i am pleased! image


  • Hi Sarah,

    My email is [email protected]

    Would love to see what you've got although I do already have their 'extras' list.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    Claire x
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    Well I booked yesterday through Thomson, went back to the shop and spoke to a different lady and the not counting the weekend thing never came up...typical. So Sorrento, Bristol hotel, at the cloisters. Am excited now and can't wait for the date to come through. Promised the OH that wouldn't talk about the wedding for one whole week....but this isn't actually talking so guessing it doesn't count....ssshhhh
  • TrezTrez Posts: 88
    Yes, the date has come through, so excited, 24th September and only 4 days after we arrive. Can start sending the invites now and planning all the fun stuff
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    I got married in Sorrento on 1st August! We stayed at the grande hotel de la ville, got married at the cloisters, reception at the relais blu (breathtaking place!) and dancing and drinks later on at te foreigners. We booked everything through Thomson so if you have any questions then ask away x
  • Hi mummy-Lou,

    We're n

    Booking most things through thomson too. How did you find them? We're they quite reliable erc.

    Did you have your hair done through them? If so were they any good?

    Also, we are having our reception at foreigners club, how did you find the atmosphere etc and the band?

    Thanks for your help xx
  • Mummy-LouMummy-Lou Posts: 191
    Thomson were fantastic. A few weeks before you travel they will let you know which one of the girls you will be with in resort (we had Stacey an absolutely loved her she was fab!). I booked the hairdresser and trail through thomsons, in the trial my hair wasn't pinned properly as they only use it to get an idea of what you want and dont stay very long (think she was there about 15-20 mins) your wedding planner comes too as the hairdresser speaks very little English.

    As for the service from the girls in resort, they made sure I had nothing to worry about and just enjoyed the week before the wedding! All of the things we booked was excellent quality and looking back very good value. The foreigners is lovely, however they will probablys have more than one wedding on at the same time. This didn't bother us as we just reserved a few tables in a desperate area for evening drinks (we got there about 9pm from the reception venue and a few of the older ones just went straight back to the hotel). Next to each other were 3 different wedding parties though having their full reception there an its not very private as everyone can see everyone. The band though was very good! In the wedding package we swapped the wedding cake for more Spumante as te cake was included with reception and Stacey organised this to be at the foreigners for when we arrived as a welcome drink x
  • I'm also getting married in sorrento on 31st may. My wedding reception is at the relais blu. I still am deciding on a make up artist or just buying lots of expensive make up and doing it ourselves! Anyone have any recommendations? Zoe graham is not doing sorrento weddings in 2013 duel to having a baby.

    Also anyone who has booked a photographer? I have already spoken with SD photography but they can't make my date.

    Thanks xx
  • Hi ! came across this randomly! i got married in Sorrento in Sept 2009 at the Villa Fondi and then had reception at La Tonnarella- which was amazing. I used an absolutely amazing and fantastic wedding coordinator called Book Of Dreams, who are based in Sorrento. I have lots of pics and could talk about it all day if anyone want any info x kylie

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    I have booked to get married next April, and went to Sorrento last weekend to sort everything out,

    We have booked the Cloisters and The Forgeiners Club for our reception, if anyone needs any information , please let me know...... got loads of names of hotels and also met the Thomson wedding planners who were VERY helpful


  • Hi Sorrento Brides!!

    Im getting married in June 2013 doing it all myself I work for a UK travel company and wanted to liase myself with the planners, cloisters and then to don pedros.  Wanted to be away from centre I think I would freak if I seen any other brides! I am flying my own photographer out I have seen so many bad pics and the place is soooo beautiful I wanted to do it justice!! Staying in the Hilton and booked the suite in Favorita so get ready etc!! I am sooo excited and lovely to meet other brides!! If anyone needs any advice I flew out last year to book and have sorted loads of people's weddings!! 


  • Hi all! I'm getting married in June 2013 at the cloisters and reception at the foreigners club. Also staying at the Hilton and the. La Favorita before the wedding! I could do with some advice on photographers - we were out in sept and booked our photographer and paid a deposit but we've since herd some really bad reports and haven't had any communication for him, he isn't replying g to emails/texts. Has anyone used Michele pappalardo or heard anything? Thank you xxx
  • What date you getting married Natalie be funny if we were there at the same time lol x
  • 18th June, how about you? X
  • 25th, seems a popular time, just scared it will be too hot and my makeup will melt and hair frizz out!!
  • K1echo, you're getting married on the same day as me! Are you at the cloisters or villa Fondi?
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    Hi I'm new to this site. 

    However, I'm getting married in 3 weeks at the Cloisters in Sorrento and then heading to Foreigner's Club for cocktails followed by the reception at O'Parrucchiano and then back to Foreigner's Club for live music night. All are well within walking distance of each other and the photos that will be taken whilst walking the street as a congregation will hopefully be fantastic.

    I'm using Piero Mansi for my hair and a florist in the centre is letting us use his workshop to do our own flowers. Such a nice bridesmaid bonding afternoon.

    I've used Alessandra at the Book of Dreams for all the ceremony/legal stuff. It worked out a much better way of doing it than through Thomson (who I initially was going to go through) She's FANTASTIC. I've bombarded her with e-mails and questions and she's been so responsive.

    We're not having transport. However, I've booked a boat for a surprise for my HTB to take us out on the water for some different persepective photos.

    I'm very excited - as you can tell but if anyone would like any advice, let me know as I'm pretty much done now.


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    Sorrentobride13 sorry only just sent this and didn't get an email to say I had a reply. I'm getting married at cloisters at 16:30 what about you? Where is your reception. Do you have a make up artist? X
  • K1echoK1echo Posts: 9
    Bexybexy I am using book of dreams too! Who is your photographer? Do you mind me asking how much the boat was to hire? X
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    Hi, we are looking to get married in Sorrento in May or Sept 2015. We have only just started looking into it and was going to book through Thomsons, but after reading a few people's comments on here would it be easier to go through a Italian wedding planner.... Book of dreams etc? If you don't mind me asking how much do they charge? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Hi Ladies


    Since most of you will already be married now, (congratulations!), I would be interested to know which photographers, makeup artists, hairdressers etc you ended up going for? I am getting married in September in Sorrento and Don Pedro seem to be able to organise just about everything! However, feedback from you guys would really help since you have now been there and done that!

    Thanks in advance!!


    Kerry x

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