Help needed! How to book Malcesine castle (Lake Garda) WITHOUT using a weddding

Hi everyone! Im trying to book Malcesine castle in Lake Garda and they haven't replied to my email. Is this how other people went about booking it? If so how long long did it take to reply? And how helpful were they?

Many Thanks



  • Hi Carla, we got married at Torri castle, and found it easier to fly out and booked the castle, accomondation and reception while there about 1 year before, it gave us a chance to sort out the menu for reception (tasting italian food yummy) 6 course and drinks too, also flowers and a photographer....although i had a wedding planner i had to do the paperwork and everything myself ......if you should need any advice please email me as i have some knowlege of the location and what is required for your wedding at lgarda also any other information you should need [email protected]  good luck


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    Hi, I'm going to be using a wedding planner to help us with our wedding, and we are looking to book Malcesine castle for 2014, we were told they don't start taking booking until after 6th Jan 2013. So maybe that's why you haven't heard back. But I agree with Jenny, definietly a good idea to go out there first.

    Sorry if this wasn't much help.x

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    Hi Lakegardabride

    I was just wondering how you got on with this in the end? I emailed the castle a few weeks ago and haven't had a reply yet. I've also tried calling them several times. Once I got through to someone who didn't speak English so she asked me to call back the following day when an English speaker would be available. But every time I've called since there has been no answer. 

    Would love to hear if they got back to you and how long it took or if you found an alternative way to book? 



  • Hello Lakegardabride

    Malcesine is a very popular destination for weddings with over 250/300 weddings a year taking place on the famous terrace - it's a beautiful choice! If you are looking to book for 2013 then I feel that this is going to be quite difficult as the castle gets booked up very quickly. The most popular slots are June to September - Saturdays, Fridays and Thursdays and the 2pm slots then followed by the 5pm slots go first.

    If you're planning on a May or June 2013 wedding you will also be able to follow the previous document procedures for British citizens. However, if it is after that date then it's likely that you will need to follow the new paperwork procedures. Please keep an eye on the British consulate website for more information...

    Wedding planners have had formal training from the consulate regarding these new procedures and until the Consulate website is updated I'm unable to talk about the specifics. Due to these future changes I would advise you to contact a wedding planner if you are looking to get married after June 2013 to assist you - unless you have someone already in Italy who can help?

    I'm sure that if you contact a wedding planner and let them know that you only require assistance for the handling of the paperwork and interpreter they will be able to give you a personalised package price.

    If you do not want to use a wedding planner to book other items such as reception, photogrpaher, etc. then I strongly advise you to organise meetings with vendors beforehand and go out there at least 6 months before. Unfortunately, there are vendors who do 'too many' weddings in Malcesine and their level of service has dropped. Also becareful picking from places like trip advisor as many restuarants write their own reviews!!

    Torri del Benaco as Jenny Bradford has said, is a beautiful alternative and as weddings are less touristy in that area of Lake Garda the vendors still work hard to impress! If I'm going to be honest if I were you I would, for value for money and to get the best out of your wedding day do 1 of 2 things:

    1) get married in Torri del Benaco and have the reception close by

    2) get married in Malcesine and have the reception at Torri del Benaco, Garda, Bardolino and also sleep in this area

    I hope this has been of some help to you.


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