Wedding dress -Taking it abroad

After trying to convince myself that my wedding dress would go in a dress bag and try take on as hand luggage I've realised it's just not going to be possible as its just too big so had it specially packed into a suit case by my dress shop. was just wondering if there is a special check in for wedding luggage? We are flying with Thomas cook to Cyprus anyone else recently done the same? Thanks Faye xx


  • fawny2fawny2 Posts: 174


    Mine is going in a box as hand luggage, my box is from Life Memories, it's very good.

  • Fayezee1Fayezee1 Posts: 31
    It's far too big to go in a hand luggage size case it had to go in a large suitcase so paid for extra baggage! Hopefully all will be fine as no other way to do it. Can't wait for the big day not long now! Thanks xx
  • Levy WillLevy Will Posts: 5

    Been there done that. If I were you, I would hand carry that all the way through because I wouldn't let anyone from the airport to put their hands on the most important thing for my wedding. 

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    My bridal shop, said they will pack my dress in a hand luggage size case. They recommend a case rather than the wedding dress boxes as they are only cardboard and can get squashed.

    Make sure the shop can't fit it in a hand luggage case, you will be surprise what they can do with the dresses. x

  • Debs270613Debs270613 Posts: 225

    I agree with above, Handcarry all the way. As far as im aware there are no special procedures. If your dress is that huge that it wont fit into carry on bag (is it a gypsy weddings style massive thing?) then i would carry on the dress and put any hoops or petticoats checked in, so if the worst should happen then at least you still have the main 'dress'.

    i echo Lea_B in that check with your shop/maker about fitting it in a carry on. image

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    Mine went in my hand luggage case, I didn't see thepoint of one of the wedding dress boxes I'd never use again when I had a hand luggage case that's actually much more padded and secure 

  • CheekychopsCheekychops Posts: 17

    Mines going in a box, and carrying it on...Heard of one bride loosing hers and our bridal shop gave me lots of advice..Luckily they have alot of destination brides and offer to pack the dress in the box..Gratis. Im also getting the flower girl dresses boxed too..

    There is not a cat in hells chance im having it out of my sight...Noooooo way.

  • Nat SmithNat Smith Posts: 9

    My best friend had the same problem. Everything was fine, she put it through in the big suitcase with the other bags, she had no other option. Like suggested see if the bridal shop can help you pack it, my best friend had hers packed with special tissue paper By the shop. 

    Nat xx

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