jami fourseasons hotel...help!

hi jami!

its jo-jo1 who also is staying at the fourseasons(june 07) are you having a meal reception or buffet?

can you give me some more info on the 2....thanks

jo x


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    Hi jo-jo1 - I can give you plenty of info!! I'm at work at the moment - I'll write more when I'm home later image
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    Hi again. Ok, Buffet or meal - for me the decision was to have a buffet. Mainly because I didn't like the idea that I had to choose 1 starter, 1 main course & 1 dessert and that would be it for everyone. Don't get me wrong, the choices were absolutely divine & we've eaten at that hotel quite a few times so I can attest to the high standard of the food! But I like choice. Plus my dad is thinking from the Cypriot guests' points of view - they usually have buffets and will like the choice.

    The Gala Buffet list is quite simply amazing. There is SO much choice its just silly - salads, cold items, hot items, carvery meats, local and international desserts and cheeses etc! The only thing I could fault slightly is that there isn't much choice of hot vegetarian food, but there are loads of salads etc. I'm sure you could tweak that with the manager - I fully intend to! It does say on the document for the Gala Buffet though that its for a minimum of 100 & its 32 Cypriot pounds a head (roughly 35 UK pounds), so that's at least 3200 Cypriot pounds for the buffet. I'm definitely going to be having near enough 100 guests so it'll be worthwhile for us. If you're having less than 85 guests, its probably not worth paying that amount for the buffet.

    The meal reception choices ranged from 30.95 Cypriot pounds a head to 40.95 Cypriot pounds a head.

    I'm arranging this all independently though - there might be totally different choices / prices if you're going through a tour operator - I don't know how that works at all.

    I have word documents with the meal choices & with the buffet list - if you're interested I'll quite happily e-mail them to you image
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    i booked with Libra Holidays,and this is something we have to do ourselves,so i have been in touch with the four seasons and they have sent me the details thru...im only having 16 guests! and 5 of those are children form age 2-11,so im looking out for them 2.....im now thinking of having the reception else where now,but havent a clue where?! do you know of any nice places in limassol,as i dont want to be too far away from the hotel....thankyou Jo x
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    Hmm, I'm not sure of anywhere else in Limassol - my parents live in Larnaca, so I know that town more than Limassol.

    You could e-mail the wedding planner that I'm using in Limassol - I put her e-mail address in the thread that you put up about make up artists in Limassol. Evelyn is my planner's name & she's great, she'd be able to help you out with all of these bits & bobs.

    You should still think about having the reception at the Four Seasons maybe - the meal reception would be lovely there.
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    thankyou jami for helping me!

    it`s just the price of everything,our costings are just going thru the roof!

    i`m just panicking!

    we are paying for our own wedding and not getting any help with anything..

    my mum and stepdad have said that would pay for there own meals at the reception,but i dont want them 2,as no one else has offered!

    like my mum has said-people save a couple of years for this moment,we have just started to pay for it,and 8 months left to pay!

    my in-laws are paying that little extra to holiday at the fourseasons,as they kindly offered to have our children for the wedding night!

    which we gladly accepted!!!!

    i think me h2b panicking a little as we`ve realised that time is flying by,not only that we have our suits and dresses to get,talking about dress,im going for my 1st fitting next tuesday....excited and nervous at the same time! whats the best underwear to wear for this? many people have told me to wear a all in one! is this right?!

    i`ll keep you posted jami

    thanx once again

    Jo x
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    You poor thing!! Planning a wedding can end up being so stressful and its supposed to be our greatest day! image

    I guess the best things is to find out all of your options. Write down the rough cost it would be for you both and all your guests to have the reception at the four seasons, maybe picking a slightly cheaper option for the meal. Then see if you can get any info from Evelyn or from others online here with regards to other venues for the reception. If the cost difference is minimal the four seasons might be the way to go because its all in the one place. But if you find somewhere much cheaper, that's great!

    People often suggest wearing the underwear or the style of underwear that you're actually going to wear under your dress on the day so that the dress fitters can take that into account. All in one / basques can give a great shape so that might be the way to go.

    Let me know how it all goes! image
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    Hi Jami!

    i have`nt booked a reception just yet.....

    but i have chosen my dress!!!

    light gold with ivory/blush maggie sottero...im in love! lol

    just wore normal underwear for my fitting...altho they didnt match! lol

    should be getting in touch with the fourseasons this week...so hopefully i will have it booked by next week...with you having the buffet,will it be as private?

    Jo x
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    Ooooh, you've chosen the dress - how exciting!!! Is there a picture on a website of your dress? It sounds gorgeous image

    We've chosen to have our buffet outside (well, at the moment we've decided on that) and it will be next to another eating area, so I was a wee bit concerned re privacy. But they'll cordon off our bit, plus the other eating area isn't completely 'open' with tables next to us or anything so it'll be fine.

    Hopefully, there'll be enough of us that I just won't notice anything! Anyway, if a few extra people get to see my in my fabby dress - so be it!!! image

    So have you pretty much decided to go with the four seasons? It'll be a weight off your mind when that aspect of the day is organised and booked
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    yeah! we`ve decided just to go with the meal,and try come up with something everyone will like!

    Before we book next week i`m going to get in touch first and explain about the children....as we dont want the kids to turn their noses up! lol You know wha children are like...if it is`nt chicken nuggets they wont eat lol

    Im feeling alot better about things now and just going to relax more...or count to 10!

    How are things coming on for you?

    Where are you getting married again/time?

    w are getting married at 11:00,so we`ll be back at the hotel for 12:30???

    i know you`ve answered these questions before,but cannot find them in the forums!

    Jo x
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    No worries :\)

    We're actually getting married at the hotel. There's a bit of clear Terrace beside the Vista Terrace Bar, overlooking the sea (& a little bit of building, but that won't be in any photos!). Its at 4.30, will be v. short & sweet as its just a civil ceremony - with a short blessing afterwards by a priest friend of h2b's. Then we'll go straight onto the cocktail ceremony at the Vista Terrace Bar for a few hours. We'll have our dinner at about 7.30 I think & that will go on until midnight - as it'll be outside, we won't be able to have music playing after midnight. If we were inside it could go until 1am.

    I'm sure they'll be able to accommodate the kiddies for you - I know what you mean about the nuggets ;\)

    I've kind of generally hit a bit of a stalled patch with all the planning! Our wedding planner is still dotting all over the island so I've yet to get her started on the florist & photographer. I'm not seeing my dress designer for a while and we're still back & forth with our stationary people re the save the date cards at the mo. Its all good though - I'm selling my property in the UK (am living in NZ right now - can't remember if I mentioned that before), we're applying for our New Zealand residency & I've been feeling a tad poorly recently, so I'm quite glad the wedding organising is on hold for a bit!! image
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    Hi Jami,

    sorry to hear thet your not well..hope it`s nothing serious?

    i was`nt aware you could get married at the hotel?? we would of preferred that, oh well,can`t complain!

    where abouts in the uk did you live?

    im from huddersfield west yorks....

    i will keep you posted on everything...and before we know it,it`ll be our turn!!!!

    Take good care of yourself,

    hope you get beeter soon

    Jo x
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    Cheers Jo - I'm fine, just a bit under the weather generally, really tired & I aven't been able to shift whatever it is. I guess I'll have the bite the bullet & actually go to the doctor & sort my life out! ;\)

    I used to live in Surrey, a little place called Carshalton Beeches. I do kind of miss it at the moment, although its lovely out here too.

    At the moment, you can't officially get married at the hotel. What you have to do is go to the register office the day before (or whenever), say the vows & that's when you're technically married. Then the register official will come out to the hotel & repeat the vows at the ceremony.

    For some reason, Limassol doesn't officially marry in hotels yet but the municipalities are starting to realise they're missing out on lucrative business by not doing this! So my wedding planner reckons by the time of our wedding, they probably will have started officially marrying in hotels - fingers crossed, I can't be bothered with going to the register office the day before, but whatever needs be I suppose :\)

    I know, it'll be our turn before we know it, eh?!

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    i know,im getting a little nervous now...

    just been in touch with the Reverend,deciding on hymns and readings,so yeah its all coming together and i feel im actually getting married now!

    keep in touch and hope your feeling better soon

    take care

    Jo x
  • We're almost finished organising our Save the Date cards. I've seen an electronic mock up of them and they look good. Now I just need to see a physical sample and all going well, they should be posted end of September. I've just got to get the info from our wedding planner re places to stay & prices, to go with the cards (& to put on my website to finish it off) and they'll be ready to rock :\)
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    hope so....

    whats your web address,wouldnt mind having a peek!

    Jo x
  • I'll e-mail my web address to you.

    I'm certainly feeling better than I did, but I'm still pretty run down. Thanks for asking hun image
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    lol jami...!

    we have the same taste on the site as well! lol

    we have the same background!!!!!

    its very good,and very interesting too

    i have learnt alot from it

    thankyou for sharing it with me x

    i`ll e-mail you mine...
  • Ha, really? Same country, same hotel, same website background! Cool!! Great minds think alike and all that image I'd love to see your site, pop me an e-mail - thanks :\)
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    hi jami....how strange!! lol

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