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Advice needed with cyprus wedding do i use a tour operator??

Hi Girls,

I really need some advice. I would really like to get married in Cyprus and have chosen Riu Cypria Bay.

I called Thomas Cook Travel Agents and spoke to a very uptight toffee nosed lady who wasn't prepared to let me speak for a second!image

I then spoke to two very nice woman from different travel agents that assured me they would deal with the finer details i.e. insuring there is a cot in the room for our daughter but I haven't got a clue about the wedding and I don't think they have either, I think that it is dealt with the tour operator and they are not allowed to talk to the hotel direct, which is quite worrying.

Has anyone else booked via a travel agent and found them really good?

Or has anyone else used a wedding planner and how expensive are they?

I am on a very tight budget.

Has anyone stayed there and got married? Have you found it to be a perfect location for your wedding and were you able to have a reception there afterwards?

Sorry for all my questions but I feel totally confused and want to make sure I'm not making a mistake.



  • hi my sister got married in Cuba last year, we booked through a travel agents but my sister booked her wedding through the hotel themselves so they knew all her details before she got there. She just had a meeting with them when she got there to finalise eve rything and the day was perfect!

    I too am getting married abroad next May 2008 in Bali and we are booking the wedding through the hotel itself too as it is cheaper and i feel that it is safer this way so that they have all our details when we get there and there is no mistake

    Obviously booking your wedding through the travel agents should be fine tho but find out as much information as you can from there as you want your wedding day to be perfect dont ya, let me know if you want to know any other information
  • Gracie2006ukGracie2006uk Posts: 163
    Thank you so much for advice, I will definately look into this and call them tommorrow to see if they can help.

  • sonymesonyme Posts: 425

    Welcome to the site!!!

    I do sypmpathise as weve booked through thomas cook (from the sounds of it we prob spoke to the same person!)

    Our wedding ceremony is booked through them but all the finer details, photography, reception, cars etc weve booked through 'only you wedding services'..Hilary our wedding planner has been fantastic, couldnt recommend her enough, weve found using someone local has helped so much as shes out in Cyprus and has given us advice on things we wouldnt have thought of.

    Just a word of warning, if youre on a tight budget, thomas cook charged us £199 to arrange our wedding, whereas Hilary would've cost us £65 to arrange the same thing - sickening isnt it how much the tour operators make!!!

    Dont know your hotel, have you tried trip advisor, lots of reviews on each hotel - helped me make our choice..

    good luck

    Jayn x
  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    Hi Gracie2006

    The Riu as I have mentioned before on other posts is a stunning hotel open & very spacious also leads onto the beach I believe. The staff & management very helpfull & friendly. The Riu is situated about the 6th hotel down from the strip regular bus service & plentifull taxi's I would advice asking the price before getting into the taxi this is standard procedure whereever you go on holiday, apparently they see you a mile off lol. getting back to the hotel I think you will be very surprised & happy with the Riu.

    I would agree with Sonyme with a private wedding planner you can tailor your wedding requirements a lot better. if you need anymore advice or recommendations i.e photographers / cakes just email me, I would say that the Tour Reps themselves I have not got a problem with they are hard working but it seems there are a lot of constraints I don't know.

    By the way Jayne did you get the jpg's I sent you


  • WeddingfanWeddingfan Posts: 432
    Lots of people save money by booking the holiday - then booking things themselves or a combination of wedding organiser/there own bookings. There is a thread on another weddings abroad forum (confetti) about the Cypria Bay.

    My cousin is a wedding beautician in Paphos - she recommends reasonable people - wedding organiser

    Cyprus 4 Weddings, a florist, a cake lady , transport - these are people she recommends directly to help save couples money.

    Remeber you are paying money for this - don't be taken in by the tour operators - there is lots of choice - do things your way - contact the hotel directly they generally send brochures for weddings.

    Glyn x.

  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    Fully agree with Glyn, nice to see I am not the only one giving good advice

  • EF2BEMEF2BEM Posts: 60
    Hi i have also booked through a wedding planner and find them far better that tour op. They have a set way of doing things and nothing seems personal to you, after all it is your day so why should'nt you get what you ask for? My advice is look on this forum for loads of advice! my wedding co is called Kerry and she has answered all of my questions and her prices are good too!!
  • EF2BEMEF2BEM Posts: 60
    My advise is go with a wedding planner they see to your every need. I went to a tour op when we first started things and i hated the fact it was all were she said to get married. At the end of the day it is your wedding so you should get what you want and the tour op has such a fixed way of dealing with things. Also you can save quite a bit with a planner.!!
  • Em33ukEm33uk Posts: 65
    Hi EF2BEM - me again!

    I am considering now getting a wedding planner in - i am worried after reading bits about tour operators and at the end of the day im on a tight budget and want to save much money as possible. Where did you find your wedding planner? I have contacted the hotel at grecian park to see if i can book the wedding direct with them. Helllllllpp - i just feel that if i book the wedding with olympic holidays i will get taken for a ride, and they charge a rip off admin fee!
  • Gracie2006ukGracie2006uk Posts: 163
    Thank you everyone for your helpful advice. I thought wedding planners were expensive but sooo glad that they appear to be cheaper than the tour operators.

    Unfortunately I have to wait a while to book as I simply can't afford it at the moment but will see in a month or two. I'm hoping it will not be that late.

    I found out today through Thorpe Travel agents in Norwich that Cypria Bay is going to merge with there sister comany The Cypria Maris Hotel and although you can book for the cypria bay it doesn't mean that you will be guaranteed a room there and apparentely the rooms in the Marris is not as modern, which is really dissapointing. I initially wanted to stay at Adams Beach, Nissi Bay but they are fully booked for their weddings next year.

    Thank you once again.

  • wedcowedco Posts: 268
    Hi Gracie,

    There is still availability at Adams Beach, Nissi Beach, Aeneas, Olympic Lagoon, Grecian Park, Grecian Bay, Grecian Sands, Capo Bay and Golden Coast. When are you looking to have your wedding?

  • ceegeeukceegeeuk Posts: 22
    Hi Gracie

    I have booked through a tour operator (1st Choice) & most definitely wish I hadn't now. They are totally useless. I feel sick at having to pay the £199 fee as up until now they haven't done a thing & they won't even tell me what time I am getting married in Paphos. It's ridiculous.

    I have found this website absolutely fantastic for getting advice & although I don't contribute that often, I really appreciate everyone's suggestions.

    I think from now on I am going to arrange hair/nails/flowers/transport/reception venue myself as I am getting no joy from 1sr choice.


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