Santorini wedding report.

Hi girls, once my wedding was booked I relied a lot on forums for advise, but not a lot of people who got married abroad wrote a report, so here it goes: We stayed in Aegean plaza hotel, kamari. My wedding planner was Michael and Elena from My wedding took place at 5pm, Saturday 1st September at Santo winery. I had 55 guests attending, guests got picked up at 4.15, followed by me and my dad at 4.45. The view at the winery is breathtaking my guests couldnt believe it, the winery is windy so would advise any bride to have hair up and ditch the veils, but each to there own. Ceremony lasted 10 minutes, followed by signing of the registar, where guests all receive a glass of wine and take in the view. We then had family photos taken, then the two of us were taken round round the winery for more photos. At this time the guests got back on the coach to pygros taverna for the reception. At the pygros taverna we had the top room, you walk over a gorgeous bridge onto a private terrace with views of the sea/vineyard and thira in the background. Guests were provided with unlimited champagne and strawberries for 1 hour, I hate champagne but I have to say it was gorgeous. Once photos were done, we arrived at the taverna and was greeted by entrance music and a huge applause. We started by cutting the cake and sipping champayne with our guests. Just after 7pm we was seated for our meal, in all the excitement I didn't eat, but all my guests said it was the best meal they had eaten on the island, we had a 3 course meal. After this the speeches were done, followed by cake. Just after 9pm the dj arrived who was Andy from groove bar in kamari, we then danced away till 1pm, Eventually leaving at 1.45, as guests wanted 1 more song. I can't think of 1 negative think to say at all my wedding planner stayed All night and was fantastic through the whole process, winery lived up to all the pictures and as for pygros staff, they deserve awards for there service and how professional they are. I hope all you ladies have the most amazing wedding as I did, but I'm very jelous of All you lot as your still to do it! I would 100% visit santorini again it's stunning! Good luck ladies. Any advise or question pm me, always happy to help.


  • Great report!!!!!! We are undecided with the winery and saint Irene??? Yikes!!! The wind puts me off as defo hair down and a veil but the views look amazing!!! Need to decide as we are booking October for aug 2014. Cannot wait but seems sooooo far away. How long did u stay in santorini for?xxx
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    Hair down would be ok, just try and pin the front up, I had two pieces down around my face and spent the whole time trying to tuck them behind my ears. It drove me mad. Both venues look gorgeous, we didn't have much choice as had a large group of people. It's the view that make it amazing so either venue you wouldn't be disappointed. I stayed for 2 weeks, arrived on the 21st August, married on the 1st sep, left on the 4th sep. I could have stayed longer!!!!
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    Thanks so much for the report. I plan to wear veil, now will ditch it image. However, I love wearing my hair down at the wedding, and with this headpiece at the front :

    Would it be ok?

    I plan to stay in Santorini 1 week before the wedding and 3 days after to organise stuff and do the formal shoot. 


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    Zoecn. Perfect time away, your catch a nice tan before too.Headpiece is lovely it will be fine.

    Italybride2013, as soon as my laptop is up and running I will post some pic's.
  • sounds gorgeous!!!! image we are staying kamari aswell, at the kamari beach hotel, we were going to go with the aegen plaza but it werent available!... Any recommendations on nice resturants/bars would be great! xx xx

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    My cousin stayed in kamari beach, great pool and great location! Ur spoilt for choice on resturants a few of my fav's are atmosphere, almira and prince. Bars, sky lounge, loveboat and albatross. But make sure you go to thira, must not miss that.
  • Dan 109 - thank you SO much for your report! We are getting married next June in Santo Winery followed by Pyrgos and, as we haven't been to the island (going in October) we were a little nervous about everything.

    I am so excited about my wedding and thank you for your report!  YOu have definitely put our minds at ease image

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    Mrsatkinsontobe: I'm very jealous of you! I never even got to visit the island before hand, so I promise you have nothing to worry about! As soon as I receive all guest pics I'll email you some so you can see. It's beautiful! And the food is amazing. Ps: pyrgos restaurant, go for the top room!
  • Thanks for the tip Dan 0109 - our wedding planner told us we had a private room with terrace and bridal bathroom.  Is that the same one?

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    Oh not sure I think the bridal toilets are on the ground floor, which does have a private terrace too.
  • Ladies I have been to santorini - me and fiances first holiday together 10 yrs ago and it is beautiful - You have nothing to be nervous about!!! Unfortunately we need to wait until aug 2014 to see it again for our wedding image when we went on holiday there I knew that's where I wld get married!!xxx
  • Thanks for the report I'm getting married in August at the winery and reception at Pyrgos with Michael as my planner. Really glad it went well. Congratulations x

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    Michael and Elena are fantastic!!! Lovely people. Good luck.
  • Thanks, do u mind is I ask how much wine for the table was at pyrgos?

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    We went for the unlimited option which was roughly 7/8 euros per person per hour, includes wine and soft drinks. Per bottle I'm sure he said cheapest was ???25/30.
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    Sorry ment 25/30 euros.
  • cheers


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    ladies how do you upload pics?

  • if you click on the little tree picture next to the ABC sign it gives you a box and if you click browse you can upload saved images from your computer! xxx

  • Dan0109 get ur pics up ASAP!!! Dying to see them!!! Roll on Monday at which we can hopefully officially confirm our santorini wedding date for August 2014!!!! Wish it was next year!!!! I am an impatient person lol xxx
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    Haha, I've been trying. I've pressed the button you said clicked upload it opened another box with the yayw website! I'm stuck!!! Oh I'm so jealous of you getting married, I'm just waiting for the flights for next year to book to go back!
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    Sorry not u said, the other santorini bride said.
  • really!?! thats weird it usually bring up a box thats says external site or your computer and you can just hit select chose the pics you want and press upload!!..... im not sure why it isnt working for you..!!! thats sucksss wanted to see your pics!!!.. xx xx

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    I'll try again at the weekend, but it done all what you just said just didn't upload!
  • thats no good!!..... your pictures were on the ionian weddings facebook page werent they??... have i got the right person! lol.. xx xx

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    Haha, yep wrong person mine ain't on my planners website.
  • ohhh.. i though it was you!... i wonder who it was... cant remeber.. hmmm..!! lol xx x

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    I had loads of problems uploading my pics the other day, in the end I had to insert the link from my photobucket account into the post & then it worked. x

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  • Oh! Your wedding picture is beautiful! I can't wait to get married there! image  Just stressing about my wedding diet at the moment! image

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