Civil ceremony abroad, blessing at home?

Hi ladies, Need a bit of advice... We are getting married in Turkey, it will be a civil ceremony on the beach. We would like to have the marriage blessed and it is important to family members, especially h2b's nan who won't be able to make it to the wedding in Turkey. Has anyone else done this? Do we have to have the blessing after the civil ceremony or could we be blessed before we leave for Turkey? We don't want to turn it into a 'second wedding', we're going abroad because we want to keep it as small and personal as possible. How do blessings normally go? Are they usually just done after normal mass? Any help would be great, want to have as much info before we speak to the priest. Thanks in advance x x


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    Any info at all ladies? x
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    Test (just checking photo link)

  • Hi

    I'm having a blessing wedding ceremony too - though 6 months after our beach wedding. It can be done in a chapel or at a small family get together in your house.

    There is no real formality because it's not legally binding. It doesn't even have to be a priest who conducts the blessing - just a spiritual person.

    I think, it would make sense to have the blessing after the civil ceremony, as it's a way of 'God' sealing the union of two people.

    Hope that helps image


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    Thanks Lozzie. I'm glad it's less formal, I agree it feels like 'sealing' the marriage.

    Good luck with your planning x x
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    I'm in the same situation. Wondering how it went? My husband and I live in the middle east and got married in December but would like to have a blessing back in the USA with family and friends in July. I have no idea how to plan it! Advice?

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