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Hi ladies

Has anyone else received their payment schedule from Lake Garda weddings? Am sooo confused? Which is the amount I have to send by cheque 10 weeks before wedding? I'm guessing its the one under the heading Pay in resort to LGW weddings...however, this implies to pay her this whilst in Malcesine! I have asked Gwen but get the impression she's fed up of my emails!!

Also, can anyone suggest noce flowers for the day? Need to be bright colours..i'm stuck

thank u !



  • Hi JT79, Have you heard anything from Gwen? just saw your post and have read through info LGW have sent us. Also worried as I am getting married within a couple of days of you. Hope you have it sorted.

    Karen x
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    Hiya jt and karenjane - I have paid my cheque and I'll have a look at the slip when I get home and post again. I agree that the payment schedule is confusing. I requested a new one with my final numbers last Monday and haven't heard anything back yet (jt you've probably sussed it by now anyway though).

    On the flower front - I'm afraid I'm rubbish with flowers and am just getting pink and cream roses - I'm sure if you find a picture though they'll be able to tell you what they can do (you may be able to get some advice if you post a question in the planning or receptions forums) - just be careful that they don't wilt in the heat.


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    I have checked and just paid the small-ish amount under the heading 'To PrePay to LGW' - hope this helps.

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    hi, yeah all queries resolved now - thanks for your replies though. have sent cheque off but have taken a copy of the schedule to take with us just in case there are any probs..,I honestly think they are so busy they send things out quickly without double happy now though.

    having a flower 'council' meeting with mum and sis (cheif Bmaid) this week..oh and to discuss hair style as had a nightmare hair up experience on saturday for my hen day/night (ended up taking it out, washing, drying and restraightening it with just 40 mins before all 40 ladies arrived at mine!!) hope all your plans are going well

  • I think I should email LGW. Eight weeks to go and and I haven't heard anything for ages. I think you are right Jt79 that these guys are really busy and rushing things. We have not had a price summary since November, things have definately changed since then. I will have my final numbers by the end of the month.We have sat down and reaccessed the budget in the last couple of days, nerve racking just hope we have covered everything.

    Must admit I am abit of a nightmare with flowers too. We are having ivory flowers but my h2b wants to wear a red rose.

    I think the moral of all of this is double check everything! Hope all your plans are going ok x
  • Hi

    I decided before we went that I wanted pink gerbers but at your welcome meeting with Lake Garda weddings they take you along to the florist and you can chose on that day if you want. WHen I was in the florist I nearly changed my mind to something different only because the other half was pulling a face at pink flowers image

    I think they ask in advance what you want just in case it is something out of the ordinary.

    Hope that helps

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    thanks Deb - hope married life is going well! did your party go well?! xx
  • Hi JT79

    Sorry I don't get on here as much now I'm married (which is fantastic :lolimage time is now spent on sorting out our new house.

    The party went well which was a relief I hate hosting parties for myself would much rather be a guest.

    Everyone seemed to enjoy it and they all commented on how good the food was and that it was a refreshing change from the normal buffett you get at party's.

    We had a chicken curry, chilli, rice and nan and pitta breads.

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