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Hi all We are looking at wedding insurance at the moment and don't know where to start!!!! For all those abroad brides: - where did you get your wedding insurance from? - when did you purchase this? - what did you look for in the insurance? Thanks all!!!! image x


  • Sorry to jump in on thread but i need to know too . Not got a clue where to start and how much x
  • MrsH2013MrsH2013 Posts: 842

    We are with E&L and I think cover starts from about £20. I did it through money supermarket. We chose them as they were the cheapest and seem to be a popular choice for weddings abroad!

  • Mrsh2013 thanks. I know someone else who has also purchased their wedding abroad insurance from them. When is the right time to buy it? We have just paid our deposit to confirm our date in aug 2014?
  • fawny2fawny2 Posts: 174

    I think wedding insurance is a mine field the same as all insurance tbh.  We had Ecclesiastical as I found their cover to be excellent & liked the way you could tailor it to suit you.  We booked our wedding in Feb 11 for Sept 12 & we got the insurance once the wedding planner had confirmed our day was booked.

  • MrsH2013MrsH2013 Posts: 842
    I would book it as soon as you start paying any money out! They need your wedding date and ceremony location etc x
  • Excellent thanks all image very helpful. Yes agree - all a minefield!!

    Are there any tips you can give me in terms of specifics that the insurance should cover for a wedding abroad? What things were important to you?
  • Dee3Dee3 Posts: 1

    Hi ladies, I have also been researching insurance for our wedding next year.  I hope its not too late but E&L have got some bad press and bad reviews.  It looks reasonably priced so I guess you get what you pay for.  Lets hope you don't need them

  • We used Marry In Cyprus as our wedding planners and on their web site they have a link for insurance.

  • I have free travel insurance through my bank and for ??20 i added my wedding insurance on covering attire, gifts and rings. I bank with the yorkshire.
  • i would suggest you obtain wedding insurance specifically for destination wedding, there are various places on line that offer including wedplan......they normally offer it on a tiered basis so you can work out  what you are spending and what cover you need.  Travel insurance wont cover you for any wedding related loss, such as suppliers closing or photos going lost in post? it might take a little research but to get the peace of mind must be more important. x


  • Fancyclaire Thankyou
  • hiya I am planning on getting married in April 2015 and at the minute I am having a look for venues, I really like the look of Cyprus, have any of you got married there? thanks

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