Weddings in the Caribbean?

Thinking of a wedding in the caribbean. Has anyone got married there or planning on getting married there? If so where, we are considering Jamaica, Barbados or Bahamas. Can anyone recommend any good resorts for a wedding and which travel agents/tour operators do you use?

Thanks very much for any info


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    any tour operators will do wedding/holidays,ask travel agents for a few wedding brouchers with different companies,but make sure they give you the holiday brochure aswell,that way you can have an est on how much will it cost,then go to holiday hypermarket,and they will either price match or do it cheaper

    hope this helps

    jo x
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    We're getting married in St Lucia this November. We looked at Jamaica but it's got very touristy, apparently the locals aren't always that friendly towards tourists and it's not safe to go out on your own. We had both been to Barbados with ex partners so that wast that out of the question!

    We are doing it all with Sandals and booked through Virgin. They've been great really helpful and it's all VERY straight forward. With Sandals the holiday is expensive but the wedding is free. We figured if you're going to fork out for a honeymoon anyway then we might as well get married there too! Our whole trip is costing about £6k including helicopter transfers from the airport and back, a day trip in Antigua(which we booked independently), a couple of exursions and spending money.

    We booked it last August and now we have 12 weeks to go!!!!!!image so excited!!!

    I'm sure whoever you chose to do it with you'll have a wonderful time. It's certainly a lot less stressful and cheaper than organising a wedding over here.

    Fran xx
  • Thanks for the info, we have got 1/2 a tree worth of brochures from travel agents (weddings brochures and the relevant normal brochure to go with them) and have been wading our way through them. We have been thinking about going with Virgin as they have a good reputation as a travel company, although have read some poor reviews about weddings with them so that got me a little worried but then i thought maybe those people were too picky and fussy. I dont blame them for this as everyone wants there wedding day to be special but i think you also have to be fairly relaxed about it all as well. Our other choice of travel agent would be First Choice.

    Fran, how did you go about booking with Virgin? Did you have to pay up front or can you pay a bit at a time?
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    I was told by a good friend who married in Tobago last year (i was luck enough to attend) that the only way to go was to use a local wedding planner that they found on the internet. They booked through Virgin which they felt was fine as a tour operator but for the wedding part they felt they were rubbish. So even though they had already booked the wedding through Virgin they changed their minds.

    The independant wedding planner took them round to various locations on the island for them to pick for the ceremony - so they really had their dream location. The planner also arranged all the legal stuff, the steel drum player, ceremony, photographer etc... they suggested some wonderful restaurants for the reception and even set the table up with all the favours the bride had brought.

    Her words were 'the wedding planner was worth her weight in gold'. It gave them the wedding they really wanted, the planner was focused on them (as they werent just one of many couples she was dealing with that week).

    love c

  • Hiya,

    I'm getting married in Jamaica April 07.

    I booked the whole lot through Virgin with no problems at all.

    The wedding co-ordinators have been fantastic from picking the exact time of day I wanted to help with chosing local flowers.

    We are staying at the Beaches family resort as we are taking two kids with us as witnesses.

    Only 203 days to go and I can't wait.
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