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Fellow abroad brides - how are your plans going along??

Hi Ladies!! image

Drab miserable winter days like this make me sooo glad i have gone with a beautiful wedding destination and will be getting married in the beautiful sunshine! (hopefully)! lol

Only 167 days to go now!.. only 2 and half months until my final balance is due and all the final details need to be sorted!. It's come around so quickly!...

How are all you lovely brides getting along with your plans?!?... much left to do!... I have my dress fitting tommorow! so excited!!... image  Just a few flashes to brighten the day!.. Look forward to seeing any flashes any of you guys may have aswell!...

Happy Planning!...










 (without the sleeve/wrap around part)






  • Hi! I'm getting married in Santorini too; in June! What date are you there?
    Love the photos! I'm starting to feel a little anxious and not at all organised :-/
    Have you booked your evening entertainment? 

  • 30th may is my date, whats yours?? I have my reception booked. We have a DJ included in the package. What venue are you getting married at?? Xxx
  • 6th June is our date but we fly out on 28th May so will be there same time as you!
    Our ceremony is at Dana Villas, reception at Pyrgos. We really wanted a jazz band but can't seem to find anything other than traditional Greek musicians...... Do you know the name of your DJ? xxx 

  • ohh kool image Im not sure you would be able to find a jazz band.  Im not sure of the name of the DJ, are you planning it yourself or using a planner?? My planer has pretty much sorted most of it for me.

    What area of the Island are you staying? xx xx

  • Yeah we've given up on the idea of a jazz band but may fly a band or DJ over from the mainland? We have a planner and she has given us some options for DJ/ bands on the island but think I want something more western for the reception as we are having Greek musicians after our ceremony.

    We are staying in Kameri, you? xxx

  • Our DJ plays all like music we have over here now, so should be okay to be fair. image looking forward to it!.

    We are staying in Kamari aswell!! image which Hotel? xx xx

  • I think once we get the entertainment sorted I'll feel a lot more relaxed, my planner has mentioned fire dancers too - would be awesome if she can get those booked!! image
    We're staying at the Afroditi Venus with most of our guests. What about you? xxxx

  • Wow fire dancers!!! image sounds really good!!.... image  we are staying in the Kamari Beach hotel.  I think my OH family are staying at the Afroditi Venus so we will be popping over to se them!!... May bump into you! image

    I really cant wait!...... coming round soo quickly! xx xx

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