Cyprus Wedding.. Where???

Iv started planning my Cyprus wedding for 2014.. A main concern is making it easy for my guests to get cheap accomodation near my chosen venue so they can make it!

Iv looked at alot- Amathus Beach Hotel, Alexander the great, Nissi Beach, Coral Beach to name a few but im getting confused trying to plan further eg with guest accomodation nearby.

Where are you getting married and where will you and your guests be staying? Alot of my guests minus family will be in early 20s and there will be a few young children so wanting somewhere suitable where the majority can hopefully stay together...




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    hey, were getting married in malta not cyprus but similar things have  come into our planning. all of the big travel agents we asked said they would offer discounts for multiple bookings/group booksing so bear that in mind. we spent alot of time trying to find something to suit eneryone and it was just impossible! Even though we thought, like you have, these people have this in common so they could stay together we then found out that acctually half of them felt that to justify spending all that money on going to the wedding it also needed to be a holiday as well and they would rather not be 'wedding party' all week. In the end we set up a wedding website where we put a list of possible hotels and then a map where people could link themselves to where they were staying so people could opt to be together or furthur apart. Dont know if that helps but theres my experience. hope you work it out! xx

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    We got married in Paphos in August image We had our ceremony at St Pauls Pillar Church and reception at Elea Estate

    The majority of our guests stayed at the Paphos Gardens hotel, it's mid-range, you can do all inclusive or room only/self catering, you can stay in a hotel room, or an apartment with self catering facilities - we all loved it! The staff were fab, the rooms were clean and a good size. It had your usual family orientated evening entertainment, the food was good, and it's about a 10/15min walk to the harbour/bar street area, plus there are quite a few restaurants and bars closer as well

    Some of our other guests decided to stay at the Limnaria Gardens, which are gorgeous self catering villas with a private pool - which are next to Paphos Gardens, same distance from other restaurants/bars/harbour area & bar street

    What we did, was choose somewhere we liked, and let everyone know where we'd be and that they were very welcome to join us, but if they wanted to arrange their own accommodation they were equally welcome to do that, as it was their holiday too - we ended up with about half our guests staying with us

    There are so many accommodation options in Paphos, I wouldn't worry too much about where people will stay, you can give them some ideas but they might want to do their own thing image It's not a huge place, they can always get a taxi on the day or you could arrange a mini bus to go round picking people up? We arranged transport on the day of the wedding

    This map of hotels is useful


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    p.s. If you want any other info about Paphos I'm happy to help, just let me know - we went to a friends wedding there in 2011 and ours last August so have done plenty of research!!

  • hello,

    just wondering if anyone has any info on olympic lagoon weddings, trying to work out how much its going to cost! tbh i didnt realise that when booking a wedding in a hotel you would still have to pay per head for the dinner, just assumed it was all included! does anyone know on the olympic lagoon prices?

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    A villa or a cluster of self catering apartments can be booked for your wedding party guests at really reasonable costs.  Joanne from paphosweddingsmadeeasy arranged all our accommodation in these fab apartments private with pool and centrally located and were so cheap.  A few of them selected the private villas all within walking distance.  We got a great deal well worth a look folks.

  • Hi sami2014bride

    Iv just been to a wedding at the olympic lagoon and it was simply stunning and we all stayed there too. For our meal we had the main buffett food and was all in a different section of restaraunt to everyone else and food was put seperatly for us so we werent all trekking up into the main buffett area, drinks were constantly coming out too. They married in the olympic gardens. Would highly reccommend.
  • We are getting married in Paphos. At the Louis Ledra Beach Hotel, then on to a reception at a restaraunt. Our guests are staying at the same hotel (despite the cost - felt guilty for a while!) except one guest who is staying in apartments near by.

    He found the apartments through a travel agent, if you ask, they'll be able to tell you what is near the hotel you choose.
  • Bocci Lou do I know you? Ww
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    Ledra beach is located on hotel row,  a slightly cheaper alternative still within walking distance to the hotel is avanti village, phaethon hotel, panaretti apartments.  If not the bus service is great in paphos and run every 15 min stoppin outside ledra beach as an alternative.  If anyone staying in coral bay area i know pleanty villas for family and friends to book

  • Thanks for the comments really helped me alot but finally decided and booked with paphosweddingsmadeeasy as i got the best package deal tailored to me and dont have to pay a penny..  i was worried as flights not booked yet and what if my dates change but they will also change and arragements, dates and times for no extra costs,  Very cheap and very impressed.

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