Any Rome brides out there??

I got engaged in December and have always had my heart set on Sorrento, however, after looking at Rome, my fiance and I loved the look of it. Florence was a huge contender but it put me off when I read you couldn't have your wedding date confirmed more than 6 months in advance...eeeeek!! Not many travel agents do weddings in Rome though and I can't find any other Rome brides image 



  • Hi NicNac

    I really wouldn't recommend Rome - too busy, logistically complicated moving everyone around (and costly) and the weddings are literally conveyor belts - you only have half an hour before the next person comes in! I lived in Rome for nearly 3 months, I absolutely loved the city and would definitely recommend it for a break during your honeymoon, but not a wedding.

    For a city wedding I'd also avoid Florence for the same reasons. City weddings I'd definitely have to recommend Verona - it's a UNESCO site, has the Arena (like the colloseum but concerts including operas are still performed here), you have the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet, you can even get married in Juliet's house!! The locations for the civil ceremony are beautiful. As of 2013 the Verona province will also have more locations for your civil ceremony - including locations where you can also hold your reception!! The city isn't too big and you can easily walk across the centre in about 15 minutes. This makes it easy moving your guests around. Check out the palaces though where you can have the civil ceremony and reception, if you've got a good budget then definitely these are the options to check out.

    Another city location is Venice. Venice is Venice and I don't really need to explain much why a wedding there is special. Gondola rides after the ceremony!! image I would prewarn you that Venice is one of the more expensive locations in Italy due to it's prestige and of course logistics. Menus are about €150 per person (for a good menu) If you're getting married in Venice I would definitely recommend you get a planner - and one with local knowledge of Venice!


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