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Hi all fellow brides to be! Really hoping someone can be kind enough to help me as ive read through thread after thread and still non the wiser. Me and my partner are looking at getting married in cyprus in either 2014 or 2015, it all seems very confusing to me, where to start, whether i should book a wedding planner, whether i should go with a travel agent, so many questions, i have looked through the threads to get answers but i thought it might make more sense if i do a thread myself so thank you in advance image Weve got a really small budget which is one of the reasons why we are getting married abroad, plus ive got family in cyprus. The idea we have in our head is to get married somewhere not too traditional, been looking at olympic lagoon and like the look of the gardens there, then we would want a sit down meal or maybe bbq for around 25-30 people. Then somewhere to have a 'night do' just a dance and a drink. Im not too bothered about extras like favors and having loads of flowers everywhere. Me and my partner will want to stay 2 weeks in cyprus in a 4* or 5* hotel all inclusive. Our guests will be paying for their own holiday but will be stopping in cheaper near by hotels. I was looking at having everything in a hotel (eg, olympiC lagoon) but then there seemed to be loads of extras like having to pay extra for each guest if they are not stopping at the hotel. Sorry about the essay, im jus really confused with it all. If i could be cheeky and ask if anyone whos had a budget wedding give me a price breakdown. Thank you image Amy x


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    We got married in Cyprus in August, we used a wedding planner and she was brilliant - I did a lot of research and decided not to use a travel agent as you're not not given as much freedom to make your wedding individual and you don't get the personal service. I've heard of people using travel agents and not even knowing the time of their ceremony until they get abroad!!

    If you speak to a planner they will give you some options of venues within your budget, we didn't have many flowers - they're really expensive in Cyprus and it just seemed a waste to me

    We had our reception at the Elea estate, you might like it if you're looking for somewhere not too traditional, you have private use of the venue and can have the meal outside on the terraces, it's stunning! You can have your ceremony there too but we had ours at the church. We had a Pimms drinks reception with canapes, a 4 course meal, a dj and a Elvis tribute act (other half is a huge fan!), because it's a private venue you can stay as late as you want, we finished about 1am

    There's some pics on their website...

    I think just for the reception we paid about £2.5k but that included a free bar and things like canapes which you don't have to have, and there were cheaper menus options too, you can make it exactly as you want it, there's no set package

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    were getting married in malta so not wuite the same but i think my experience may still have some relevance. Like heli we looked at using a travel agent but decided against it as your getting a package wedding- aand dont get me wrong i am not saying their packages are not lovely its just we wanted to have some control and choice over things. for example the TC package included flowers for the bride- it doesnt say what kind and the bridal team didnt know and had to contact the maltese planner to find out- the only choice was white roses. I felt like i had had to go through several people to get a simple answer and then to have no choice at all was a bit of a shock. It is however cheaper to go for a prebuilt package so you need to weigh up if the package meets your needs. We have opted for a wedding planner and we are paying around 10% of the overal cost to the planners. We like you are on a budget and i initially was a bit worried that paying for a planner was an unessesarry expense but now i would say it was worth every penny! they have the local knowledge, a range of suppliers and are on hand from the word go (you dont get planner until booking confirmed with travel agents), mine have really made me feel like i am the only bride in the world and couldnt have been more helpful.

    in terms of budget we are getting:

    • Ceremony at Palasso Parisio- we have opted for the gardens but when we visit in feb we can choose where or switch to inside if we fancy.
    • ceremony set up (chairs, table, decoration)
    • flowers for bride, bm. button hole/corsage for groom, motb, motg
    • flowers for document signing table.
    • registrar fees and cost of transport
    • all nessesarry legal stuff in malta (and support to get it right!)
    • procecco and canapees after ceremony
    • photographer with images fully edditied on to a disk
    • hair and make up for me and bm
    • meal for 15 (all set up with linens etc but we will provide our own center pieces, favours and name cards- because we want to)
    • glass of proscecco for toast
    • wedding cake

    i dont know if i have left anything out. anyway for all that we are paying under £2500 then holiday on top of that. holiday is expensive as i can only take hols out of term time so aug is super expensive!!

    We went for one of the expensive venue options and could have paid alot less for hotel.

    in terms of paying extra for non guests that is very common. people who stay all inclusive at the hotel would generally be covered by their stay but people staying else where would have to pay for effectivly a day pass. you need to work out if the price per person is reasonable. On another forum for people getting married in malta people have spoken about this issue and some have decided to put on the invites the hotel and say for those choosing to stay aat other hotels they will be charged £xxx for a day pass at the hotel but that will cover all of their drinks. I kind of think thats maybe a little cheeky but if your on a budget...were not providing alcohol other than the toast so its sort of the same. anyway hope that helps xx  

  • Thank you for your help image im swaying more towards getting a local wedding planner now. im just wondering whether it will just be cheaper to find a tavern to get married and have the reception at. Then i dont have to worry about paying for guests to visit our hotel. Then i suppose me and the future hubby could get cheap maybe 3* hotel with the rest of the guests for a week, then after the wedding we could either book into a better hotel for a week, or even fly somewhere else for a week...just me and him....hmmmmm so many things to think about.

    Anybody got any good recommendations for venues/taverns to have the whole wedding at? Blue palm sunset looks nice but dont seem to be many reviews for it

    Thanks again

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    Id email say 3 or 4 planners and see what there recommendations are. they should be able to give you plenty of options. our planners went through all the options and all the different costs knowing we were thinking about going through travel agents and looking to cost out options. the amount of info i had from them long before we decided to go fo it i could have done it myself lol x

  • Oooo thats a good idea! I will try that thanks

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    We used Linda at Paphos Total Weddings, she was really fab, I'd recommend you email her and see what venues she suggests, she was happy to give an idea of venues and costs before we decided to book with her

    You could have the ceremony at the town hall and the reception at a taverna? Personally I think it makes the day more special if you have it at a different venue to where you're staying. The town hall in Paphos is lovely

    You can have your ceremony & reception at Elea that I posted earlier as well image

  • Have you any idea of the prices for elea estate? Im gonna send linda an email now image
  • I'd second heliganeden, Elea Estate is stunning and fantastic views. You will often find it less expensive to get married and have your reception away from your hotel as they do charge quite a bit to bring guests in. Many also charge if you bring people in just for the ceremony and go elsewhere for the reception. It all depends on what you want from your day... I've heard great reviews about Alati by the sea (if you're only looking at Ayia Napa) as an independent venue, if you're considering Paphos (I live that side of the island) happy to recommend some other venues too.

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    Elea was 300 euros venue hire, you then have private use of the whole place, the menus range from about 25 - 45 euros for a main meal, and I think 8-12 euros for a starter, you can mix and match your own menu.

    They do an unlimited drinks package for a reception which was 20 euros a head for an hour, (we had pimms) and 15 euros for an open bar during the meal - you don't have to have this though and they can just do a pay bar if you want

    The food was absolutley gorgeous, really top quality.

    I don't know what it costs to have the ceremony there as we only had the reception there, but I think the ceremony price is pretty much the same no matter where you have it - let me know if you want to know anything else?

  • Hi, we got married in Greece last year and booked through a wedding planner based here, The Bridal Consultant. Lisa was amazing and she plans wedding in Cyprus. Have a look at her website or contact her she is fab image xx

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    Hi my sister got married in paphos last year and she was undecided whether to book direct or use a planner, she ended up using Joanne from paphosweddingsmadeeasy as the prices were the same as bookign direct but she got extras given and the girl Joanne was fab.  No hidden costs with this company and i will defo be using Joanne for my special day.  She has every venue possible to choose from and she posts regular new venues on her site to look at and i cant wait to see whats available when i book.

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    Blue Palm Sunset is supposed to be amazing, we are desperate to get our venue there, only problem is it has changed hands & doesnt open until this summer, we are going to cyprus in May 19 - 23rd our planner said they may not be open until June.  We are gutted image

    now we are looking at the 'So White Boutique' in Ayia Napa, looks gorgeous but again, not many reviews on the net.

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    Hi MALB2B13 your response has helped me as it sounds very similar to what I am looking for.  Just decided to get married in June 2014 in Malta, could you advise which wedding planners you used as I have had a number of e-mails from various planners and the venues and packages all sound very similar.  Thanks

  • Hi I am a wedding videographer in Cyprus and can thoroughly recommend this FB page. The girls are brilliant and really helpful.

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