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Music at wedding ceremony?

We are trying to decide whether to have music playing at our very small wedding ceremony on the outside terrace of Malcesine castle, can anyone share their experiences??? Our options are a harp at approx 300 euros, a cd played through speakers or no music just breathtaking views thank you : )


  • Hi, we got married last year in Greece. We have 21 guests and we had a DJ, we werent going to but im so glad we did. I was worried incase no one danced but i had nothing to worry about! I dont think anyone sat down all night image xx

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706
    Hi, I'm getting married in Portugal the harpist sounds perfect for outside a castle. We have a band singing at the ceremony and then again in the evening x
  • Kimmi83Kimmi83 Posts: 28

    Hi,  My friend had a harp played at her wedding during all the parts when people were waiting for photos to be taken, waiting to go in for the sit down meal and then again before the dancing.  It was beautiful and eveyone said so image.  We're going to have a live band hopefully and maybe a CD of background music for the inbetween moments.

  • Hi, we're getting married in Malcesine in Aug 2014 on the outside terrace. I've watched loads and loads of videos on You Tube of weddings there and would definitely recommend music. We're having piano and violin.

    The string quartets look fab, as do the harpists. If you have it in your budget then you should definitely have something live. But if not, then CD and speakers will be lovely too.For me the most important factor was what I want to walk down the aisle too. The piano and violin works best for that x

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