Sorrento wedding 2014

Any help would be appreciated : )


  • I am getting married in August 2014 in sorrento cloisters San Francesco and I have heard reviews about Thompsons , Thomas cook and wedding planners and I am becoming baffled about whom to use ... Has anyone had any experiences good or bad with any of the above ?

    I would really appriciate advice and help on this

    Thanks : ) x
  • Thank you for the advice.

    May I ask who you have chosen to book through ?

    : ) x
  • Hi there,

    Thought it would only be fair to give you a point of view from someone who has booked through a holiday company also.

    I've booked our wedding with Thomson and I can only say they've been nothing short of brilliant from the very first phone call we made!

    We requested our date and had it confirmed within a week so there was no waiting around and we got the date and time we wanted so we were really pleased!

    They've been incredibly flexible and have accommodated everything we've requested so far! They gave us a list of extras that we can pay for including music, photography, transport, favours, all sorts. They are very reasonably priced for the area and actually we asked a few Italian companies direct for prices of string quartets and Thomson came out with exactly the same price!

    If there's things that aren't their list of extras you can ask and they will help organise for you. They've helped us find our reception venue and we wanted to do something a little unusual and they've helped us with the reception venue. There's lots of little details we wanted on the day that wasn't on their extras list but they've helped us sort those anyway.

    The girls that we've been dealing with directly in Italy are absolutely fabulous and we are able to email them anytime anyday and they reply within the day!

    We've decided to organise a photographer independently but only because we fell in love with the photographers pictures before we really looked at theirs.

    I've spoken with at least a dozen other people that have got married through Thomson and used their hair and make up and have raved about them, a few of them added me on Facebook so I can look at their photos and they looked stunning and were very happy With their finished look.

    I also did a lot of research with independent wedding planners prior to booking with Thomson and got a lot of quotes from different companies and can't actually see much difference in what you would get service wise with one of them that you wouldn't get from Thomson and in some cases actually found them a lot cheaper! For their service we've paid ??600 and that includes them doing all the legal work, translating of documents etc, the ceremony itself and one of the girls will be there on the day to coordinate, a bouquet, buttonhole, wedding cake and bottle of champagne.

    I'm actually going over to sorrento at the end march to meet the girls and to go through quite a lot of the things we want to do on the day and am having a hair and make up trial whilst there so I can let you know first hand how I find them.

    Hope you have fun deciding and whatever way you end up doing it I hope your day is fabulous!

    Claire x
  • Hi,

    Im going to give you a 3rd option!!

    I found our venue on the internet and have booked directly with them - ceremony and reception in Villa Antiche Mura. I think quite a few of the venues will be more than happy to co-ordinate the wedding themselves, especially if you have the ceremony there too (although Michele at VAM would have organised a ceremony in other locations for us too). Its a bit overwhelming but a lot of the hotels do have 'wedding' section on their webistes that you can check out.

    Initially I delt with Thompson and found them very helpful and quick to reply but once I seen the Villa I knew thats what I wanted.

    Good luck x

  • Well thank you all so much for your views and opinions and also experiences on Thomson / wedding planners!

    We have thought about going to thomsons but what worries me is booking with them and then them having extortionate prices for the extras as the wedding package is half of what you would spend with an independent wedding planner but if they have resonable prices well who are we to complain.

    Claire if you could let me know what the girls are like when you go over in march that would be so helpful : ) when are you getting married ? When did you book? What hotel are you staying at?

    I agree with italybride2013 forums like this are fantastic as sometimes brides can get over whelmed with booking a wedding aboard : ) thank you so much

    Fay x
  • Hi girls,

    I would definitely recommend for booking your ceremony that you use a wedding planner or travel agent - as they bring the most weddings to Sorrento they can get you the date and time you want better than going directly yourself.

    As I say to all brides, it's important that you come out to Italy to meet vendors (especially the planner and venues) beforehand to make sure that you 'click' - it's important that your planner understands well your needs!

    Regarding ceremonies, something that Thomson are unable to offer, in the south of Italy it's possible to have a legally binding ceremony ANYWHERE with a Protestant priest - you of course have to be Protestant, Methodist, Anglican, etc. This means that you can hold your ceremony, reception and accommodation all at the same place!

    Hope this information helps!


  • oh, and as an afterthought. Becareful organising your reception in a privately rented villa:

    check with the villa owner that you can hold a reception there (some may charge an extra fee)

    get a PROPER catering company and not a restaurant to do your catering. In Italy if you use a restaurant and someone gets food-poisoning, has an accident because of negligence you will have a legal nightmare on your hands! Anyone offering external catering must have by law special permission and insurance

    make sure the location can hold the amount of guests you plan on inviting (in case it rains) I advise you to get the catering company to visit the venue with you

    the catering company will need to visit the venue before they can give you a quote - they need to check logistics, health and safety, etc

    if your group is bigger than what your private villa can hold then GET  a marquee, it's not possible 1 or 2 days before the wedding to suddenly ring up when you see the weather forecast - call up before, get prices and make sure it's in your budget just in case and agree that they will provide the marquee only if you require it!


    I've had many times before where brides have found their dream venue and want me to take over with the planning and the wedding ends up being over budget as they hadn't planned for any 'worst case scenarios'.

    Hope the above helps



  • lucelalucela Posts: 551

    Hi Sorrentobride! 

    I got married in sept 2011 at the cloisters, which I booked through flower & confetti. I booked the reception/venue myself at Don Pedro restaurant, who were amazing and made everything magical.  Highly recommend.  If you need any more info or pictures of the cloisters, feel free to ask. image

  • Hello lucela

    Thank you for the above , what was don pedros like? I've seen good reviews about them ?

    What was clioisters like ?

    Did you book through an independent wedding planner?


    Fay x
  • I am thinking of booking with Thomsons in italy sorrentum for 2014 June at cloisters. But wonder where to have the reception held at, any suggestions/recommendations? Does anyone recommend photography, hair and make up out there? Thanks x
  • Hello Fiona Jayne

    Although I haven't got married yet me and my fianc?? have a bit of research and found don pedros very helpful !! We are gonna book our reception with them. I don't know but I believe thompsons are good and there proces aren't too bad with the hair dressers etc

    Fay x
  • lucelalucela Posts: 551

    Sorrentobride Don Pedro were amazing they pick you up from your hotel before the wedding and you try the food and pick what you want and discuss everything else.  They picked us up twice as the 2nd time I wanted my parents to see the place and taste the food and it was all on the house.  They show you the gardens where everything is grown fresh too and show you the kitchens and the view is amazing.  They treat you like royalty, best decision I made.   They also booked the photographer and videographer and transport for us and a coach for the guests.  We had sorted songs on our ipod and they suppied the big speakers.

    I booked an independent wedding planner too mainly for the flowers, paperwork & string trio for the cloisters but flowers & confetti also have different packages depending on what you want them to organise.

    Don Pedro organised everything else and also added a few suprises along the way. 


    Arrrr if only I could relive that day...I'm jealousimage x

  • Cara2Cara2 Posts: 3

    Hi Fay,

    if you decide on hiring a videographer I could highly reccommend MedusHouse

    some of their works you can check on


  • SYK18SYK18 Posts: 2


    I have booked to get married in April 2014 @ the Cloisters and then the reception at the foreigners club - we went over last weekend to meet the thomson wedding planner and see both venues

    if anyone has any questions let me know


  • Deen2bDeen2b Posts: 6

    Hiya.. i am hoping to get married next year in sorrento too(organsing it myself) and just wondering how you have booked your ceremony when the town hall arent taking bookings yet for 2014?

  • Hi

    I am Marco, professional wedding planner at Romeo and Juliet weddings.

    Actually it is true Sorrento town hall starts accepting booking for the following year around June.

    Naturally if you book the date as soon as they open the bookings reasonably you will find a slot available for April 2014, but it is no 100% sure.  

  • Hi,

    I just called Sorrento town hall and the Officer confirmed me that bookings for 2014 are already open. This year they anticipated the procedure. 

    I apologize for the wrong info in my previous post.



  • Hi, 

    The Cloisters - Sorrento hopefully May 2014 but who knows image 

    I'm planning my wedding through Thomsons who have been pretty good but it hasn't run exactly smoothly. They insist you book your holiday before you get your date. This has made me nervous as even though my date request was submitted in April 2013 I still haven't heard back. I've been told that the judge in Sorrento who resides over all weddings in the area isn't signing off any weddings until July 2013. Fingers crossed for a date soon. 

    I've just been put in touch with my wedding co-ordinators so I'll report back on service and costs.

    Romeo and Juliet weddings have you heard of any problems getting dates agreed for 2014? 


  • ejbruceejbruce Posts: 87


    We got married at Cloisters in Sorrento 4 years ago and I would highly recommend it.  I used Book of Dreams to help with the planning and organising and it cost us £6k including a 2 week holiday and a meal (after the wedding for 9 people).  We did ours small and intimate and so we did it on a very low budget.

    I guess things may well have increased in price since then, but I remeber thinking at the time, that I would never pay £100 to have my makeup done in the UK (when we were in Sorrento, it was 1 euro to 1 pound sterling!!)

    Whilst you know there have been other weddings at Cloisters, I did not feel like that at the time and our wedding didn't overlap with anyone elses - but it was May and so not really high season.

    We had our wedding reception meal at La Tonneralla - which was AMAZING and we all still talk about the food now and the cake was FAB!

    Please ask if you would like photo's of Cloisters etc and Good Luck with the planning!


  • MrsHCMrsHC Posts: 105


    I am getting married in Sorrento Sept 2013.

    We have booked through Citalia and have a wedding planner in Italy - That's Amore and Tiziana, really can't rate highly enough!

    Citalia are a part of Thomson but packages are slightly different. THey are a bit more expensive but when you weigh everything up anf the support I am getting, glad we are using them. Also, the hotel we wanted was only available from Citalia so didn't really have any other option through a package provider!

    You can pewrsonalise it a bit more with them though.

    We are getting married at Villa Fondi rather than the Cloisters - love both venues but wanted it a little more secluded and the views of the bay.

    We did look at doing it independently, however, we would have used Thats Amore anyway, having contacted several and looking at various reviews. I think the legal side and paperwork warrants a third party to deal with in resort to be honest. So, it was lucky that is who Citalia use!!

    And, Citalia managed to confirm our date and time within 24 hours put the hotel room on hold for us so we could make sure everything panned out.

    Any questions, please just ask!

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