Beach wedding shoes???

Hi Everyone!

Soooo... we're getting married in a gazebo on the beach in Cuba and I have my wedding dress and now need to sort shoes... Im guessing heels is going to be a bad idea if I have to walk on sand, so was wondering about maybe little wedges, do u think they would be suitable on sand?

My hubby2be is 6ft4 and Im 5ft7 so he towers over me when I wear flats/no shoes so didnt really want to consider that unless I really have to....

What is everyone else wearing for their beach weddings and has any1 seen any nice wedge style wedding shoes? xx




  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    I guess wedges would be ok, but I'd get some flat flip flops/sandals personally - I had some really pretty ones from Next with diamantees on them image

  • MrsC2014MrsC2014 Posts: 822

    I'm getting married in Sardina on grass so had the same concern that heels would sink. The link below has some good ones but it might be worth waiting a couple of months as you'll have much more choice when summer shoes come out.

    I found it really hard to find some as I was looking around in November. I ended up getting my wedges from Freya Rose - think she bespoke makes shoes as well so you can get her to design something for you. Emmy shoes offers the same service. x

  • I think I would feel nicer in heels but reckon the sand would make it hard to walk in! So will definitely go for a pair of wedges image with some cute flip flops for later on! Probably the ones that print "just married" when you walk! Lol

    Try they have loads! X
  • I'm getting married on the beach hun and I've gone for touch ups 'margie'
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