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Cyprus wedding 2015 - need help and ideas!

Hi ladies,


H2B and I have decided to get wed abroad in 2015, we hopefully want a baby first so we cant book anything until early next year, I have one problem.....I have already put a deposit on my wedding dress Tom Flowers Luna.

I fell in love with this dress and my grandfather got to see a pic of me wearing it before he passed away on Tuesday 22nd Jan so its got sentimental value but now im worrying if the dress will be a) too heavy to be classed as hand luggage b) too hot to wear?! Has anyone or anyone know of anyone that has got wed abroad in a princess style dress?? we are thinking of going to Cyprus in May or September? xxx


  • May and September are the most popular but by far the best months especially for a fairy tale princess dress.  You can get married up to around 6pm so late afternoon will avoid direct sunlight and tempature will be perfect. 

    If you are going to cyprus before the wedding alot of the planers will meet and take you round venues to have a look. 

  • RachMRachM Posts: 2

    Hi WelshBride87

    Your dress is lovely and congratulations to you! 

    You will be fine to transport your wedding dress abroad. You can purchase specialist boxes to fold the dress in and pay extra to have it as extra hand luggage with you when you book your flights. It wont crush the dress when it is in the box, any creases will drop out once you hang it at your destination. 

    Have a look at for the box. When it comes to booking flights, if you book with a travel agent you can request extra luggage allowance to go in the hold, or arrange for it to go with you as hand luggage. 

    I am looking at a similar style dress and will be having a Greek wedding in Cyprus in October 2015. My family are greek cypriot and I used to be a travel agent. May and September are ideal months for a wedding in Cyprus. 

    Hope this helps


  • Hi Rachel,

    I worry about the stupid little things like 'Will i be able to get past the tables and chairs' and 'will I be ok to dance with it on' lol

    Ohhhh we could be wedding buddies lol! where abouts in Cyprus are you looking to have your ceremony hun? xxx

  • JanVukJanVuk Posts: 46
    Loads of brides wear huge dresses I had ceremony at Four Seasons Limassol
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