Any other Malcesine Brides out there??

Hi everyone!

I'm getting married in Malcesine June 2014, are they any other couples getting married here? Would love to chat about how you're doing it and where etc!



  • Hi!

    I'm getting married in lass than 2 months on the terrence at Malcesine Castle! Excited doesnt even come close! How far are you with your wedding plans?

  • x-K-xx-K-x Posts: 20


    I'm getting married in Malcesine in May 2014. Just come back from a long weekend out there making arrangements. So excited!

  • laurenVClaurenVC Posts: 82

    How are you getting on now K??

    and how was your wedding lakegardabride??

  • x-K-xx-K-x Posts: 20

    Hi Lauren 

    I'm getting on well thanks. All the big stuff is booked. I'm picking up my dress next Saturday! Whoop!

    How are your plans going? Where are you having your reception and where are you staying? 

    Lakegardabride, I would love to hear how your wedding went! 

  • Hi Girls!

    Oh we had the most amazing time! We keep looking having to look back at photos just to believe that it happened and it really was that perfect!! If I can help with anything (photographer, reception ect...) please let me know! I gutted its all over now, just left with the memories..

  • I'm getting married in Aug 2014 and think I have most things in hand.


    Dress and shoes


    book hair and makeup

    make our guests book flights and hotels!!!

    any help would be great. 

  • More brides! Yay! What hotel are you staying in whilst you're out there? And have  you chosen your reception venue? X

  • Yes, staying in Hotel Vega. Seriously expensive and I think they are fully booked now for August 2014 but worth it for getting ready etc.


    Reception is at Vecchia Malcesine. Just waiting for the restaurant to confirm their 2014 prices but it's basically been agreed and the deposit has been paid.


    Where are you having your reception?

    Are you having a wedding planner?



  • Yes we are using Pam from romantic weddings on lake garda. She's fantastic!

    Hotel Vega is gorgeous, a couple of our guests are staying there. We decided to stay at the Majestic Palace as we have a nearly 4 year-old and there's more things for him to do there.

    We are having our reception at Al Corsaro. The food was so yummy when we went to visit earlier this year.

    How many guests are you hoping will come?


  • Reg MooreReg Moore Posts: 16

    Brides looking for a wedding photographer in Italy, especially Lake Garda & Malcesine are welcome to contact me. I am internationally published and have worked in the area for the last 25 years.  I am UK based and work throughout Europe in the spring & summer months. I do not charge for travel or accommodation at Lake Garda as I am based locally during the summer.  My website is prices are on the website.  Regards, Reg

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