Legal requirements for Wedding in Sri Lanka


We hae booked to get wed in Sri Lanka february 08. We have received our paperwork from First Choice weddings department but i am little confused. :\?

It runs through a check list of a 10 year passport, birth certificate and a solictors letter confirming we are both single. Is that all we need?

Please help, any advice would be grately received.:\)

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  • Hi MrsCope2b

    Yes thats all you need provided neither of you is adopted or divorced or has been known by another name.

    Your letter from the solicitor need to be on headed paper and stamped with their 'notary' stamp and has to include your name, nationality, occupation etc. Ours cost £25 and you need one each.


    Julie x

    PS I get married in Sri Lanka in 46 days! Can't wait!
  • chezmartchezmart Posts: 18
    Thanks Julie, thats a great help.

    Where are you getting married? We fly out 31st Jan and are staying in the Kani Lanka Resort & Spa. We have got a whole 208 days to wait!!!

    Good luck

    Cheryl x
  • Vix_1Vix_1 Posts: 158

    Can I ask where you got your legal docs from? Ive been quoted daft amounts like £300!! But been told can get for £30 but not seen that myself so any help would be appreciated. I am getting married at the Eden but in 3 months. x
  • Hey Vix

    I just phoned around the local solicitors - the one who dealt with our house purchase wanted over 100 pounds each!

    We went with a little company in the end, I thought it was £25 each but they only charged £25 for the both of us! Phone around and see what they say. I drafted mine up and they just got their typist to put it onto headed paper and stamped it with the official stamp and signed them.

    Good Luck!
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