Any cuba brides?

Hi There,

Is there any body who is getting married in cuba or been married there? Where & when & does anybody know where the best place is as we was thinking playa pescuero? Any feedback welcome.image


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    Hello we are getting married in Cuba 2015! We also looked at playa pesquero! I'm just not sure if I like the rocks on the beach around the wedding gazebo image other then that I do like it! Originally we were looking at Iberostar varadero but its too expensive for others coming with us, the we really liked the iberostar Laguna azul but u can only stay there for 14 nights where as we have some family who can only come for a week!xxx
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    Hi sophx,

                 Thanks for your reply. I will look at that location as we are going away for 14 nights just me,h2b & our 2 children where having a small intimate wedding then going to have a big party when we get back! have you set your date yet in 2015? where getting married this sept 2013 so i better get a move on lol imagexxx

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    There is also lots of Facebook groups for just brides for those hotels and there is a lovely video of the Laguna hotel called our Cuba wedding day dec 2012 on YouTube.

    We haven't set a actual date yet as can't book anything until the brochures come out which will probably be this time next year as we are hoping to go in may 2015!

    Wish we could book now!

    Wow yours isn't far away at all! That will come round quick, and will be lovely that its just the 4 of you going! Me and OH did think about just us going but not sure my mum would talk to us when we got back lol! I think we will have about 30 people come!xx
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    aww is there i will have a look on facebook & yeah just the 4 of us 2 much family & its our day not theres to satisfy all the wingers lol thats why we gonna have a party when we get back & for our friends. keep in touch & let me know where u decide to book or if u have any other info hun thanksimagexx

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    Yup that is very true!! One of the reasons we are going abroad is so we don't have to invite people we don't really want there and it's so much cheaper to go abroad! Lol

    Yes will def keep In touch!! Let me know where u end up booking image xxx
  • Hi  I am going out to cuba on tuesday to get married. we are returning to the same resort we got engaged at in guardalavaca. I love cuba, Its a gorgeous country!  there are 14 of us all together and the wedding co-ordinator has been fantastic all this way. we are at the sol rio de luna. I will be flying first thing tuesday, and back end of march image wouldn't have donw it anywhere else!!

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    aww how lovely...i had a friend who got married at the sol cayo guillermo...i may have to do some research on your hotel! so nice to hear good reviews about different hotels! makes it so hard to choose though lol! are you getting married on the beach or in a lobby area? also are you able to stay there for 7 nights? Xxx

  • we are getting married in a gazebo in the gardens, but its also on the beach front/over-looking beach. you can also marry on the beach if you wish.

    course you can book for a week, we went for a week first time and have family just coming for the week.

    you have to be there 3 days before you marry and cannot marry on a weekend so this can ffect dates etc. 

    we are going on a 2 day trip to havana after the wedding-very excited for that!!

  • p.s sorry for dodgy typing had nails done yesterday and not used to them!

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    oh cool i will deffo have a look  u prob read above the ones in varadero you cant seem to book for just a week and we have family who would only want to come for about 7 niights! 

    i always wanted to get married on the beach, but my mum said about some people not being able to sit in the heat for too long so think we will probably go for a garden wedding or as long as its somewhere under cover!! 

    that will be great going to havana! i keep thinking about doing that too!!xx

  • I'm sure if its on the beach they ut something up with cover, or could do if you asked. Strange they don't do 7 nights! I would like to visit other places of cuba in the future, heard santiago de cuba is lovely. If you can then I think you should go havana, everyone who has been has told us to go, and that its a good experience, really looking forward to it! I'm so excited, only tomorrow then we will be off!!




  • P.s cuban ceremonies are nortoriously short, think its about 20 minutes are so, so can soon b in cover/having a drink xx

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    just had a look and it looks lovely! do u no what the beach wedding is like? is it just which a arch or is there a gazebo?xxx

  • there is a gazebo, I have a picture but no idea how to post it! lol, The beach is clear and was lovely when we were there but it was hit by the hurricane that went past last year so accodring to some reviews there has been some sand displacement, and a few more rocks etc exposed. Its good for swimming and there are activities to do, as well as 2 bars. 

    This hopefully will work (my fiance's fb page) this is what it looked like when we were there but it has been re-vamped and not 100% sure what changes were made but think it was damaged in hurricane

  • oh sorry just re-read that message, I'm not entirely sure what the beach wedding is like, I think its a 4 sided gazebo type thing, but not entirely sure. If I think on I will ask when I am there x

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    Just took a look at the picture and it looks really nice!!

    Hope u have a lovely time!! And good luck!! When you get back make sure u tell us all about it please!xx
  • thank you! just logged on quickly before work, heading to airport hotel tonight so will let you know how it all was in a few weeks image xx

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    I got married in Cuba in September 2012 at Paradisus Rio de Oro which is the hotel next door to Sol rio Luna.  We had 14 guests with us, 10 of which stayed in the Luna.

    It was amazing, I am so glad I chose to get married in Cuba, the wedding coordinator did everything for us!

    If you would like any information just let me know image wish i could go back and do it all again.

    if you like I could uplaod some photos of the wedding


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    Hello Lyndee_c wow u should post some of ur pics! and GingerZM13 cant wait for your update have a lovely timeimage also sophiex have u decided yet?imagexxx

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    Lyndee_c is that hotel for adults only though?

    At the moment we are saying if we can get 7 and 14 nights at iberostar Laguna azul then we will go for that one...if not its more then likely to be playa pesquero!

    How about you? Have you decided yet?xxx
  • Hi guys, we just got home after our flight, and a little sleep! We had an amazing day! really was everything we expected and more. The gazebo area had changed a bit which took a little getting used to (statues near gazebo) but these actually looked nice on the day and I didn't really notice them. Lilly the co-ordinator was amazing and was there to sort anything you needed. We got lots of gorgeous photo's, and we had a lovely meal in the beach resteraunt which allowed us to get some gorgeous sunset pictures which we had our heart set on. a vintage taxi also pulled up after the wedding (outside the luna lobby) and so we got some photo's with that too. I have to say though  that the guests really made our whole stay special not just the wedding day!! 

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    So glad u had a lovely day and time!! Congratulations cx
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