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I am getting married in 8 weeks, and apparently Aisle of Love have gone into liquidation, rumours have it that they have gone off with our money and not booked anything and therefore many brides are out of pocket.  Has anyone booked with these.

Can anyone help with suppliers for cars, flowers, cake, decoration etc in Protaras, Cyprus as would rather have recommendations as now I don't know who I can trust.   

I am waiting to hear if our wedding, reception or photograher are actually booked as we had paid for quite a bit towards these.

Any advice is appreciated.



  • MrsH_2bMrsH_2b Posts: 110

    I just posted over on another thread... This just terrible!!

    Do you have a venue? The only help I can offer is give you my planners details. She is the wedding planner for the garden of eden, and is absolutely fantastic. She has organised every last detail of mine, and dosn't charge the earth for doing so.

    Let me know if you want her details xxx

  • Just seen, thanks for the link image

    We booked St Elias Gardens and paid deposits etc, but now we are not sure if it's booked, or paid for, so need to wait to speak to someone first to see what's booked.  I've fired off quite a few emails so will see what comes back in the next few days.  I will let you know if I need her details thank you



  • MrsH_2bMrsH_2b Posts: 110

    No problem, hope you get some good news back! xx

  • Thanks, and us xx


  • Nicky2Nicky2 Posts: 3
    I'm in the same boat hun cannot believe she has done this what a wicked woman - shed de avtivated her page and email

    And basically disappeared with all our hard earned cash it'd disgusting
  • Tell me about it Nicky2.  I'm in shock that someone could do that and leave us in this situation.  I'm just glad I didn't pay it all upfront like some of the other girls, hope you didn't either. I'm just hoping the wedding is booked, the rest is just material stuff and can do other stuff we hadn't planned for.  Might be last minute whilst we are there.  x

    Hope you sort yours out too xx

  • MrsH_2bMrsH_2b Posts: 110

    Can I ask how did you pay her? Did use paypal? xx

  • Nicky2Nicky2 Posts: 3
    No I did bank transfer - I've paid 660e its a joke I'd already rebooked photography do hoping they will now do my DVD and need to book cake etc

    I emailed the town hall and my hotel they have my bookings that's a that has been booked - prob cause it was free - everything else she's pocketed
  • MrsH_2bMrsH_2b Posts: 110

    Ah no, was thinking if it was paypal you'd stand a chance of getting it back. I told my h2b about this, he dosn't know how she can sleep at night!! When are you getting married? xx

  • I am also a Aisle of Love Birde that has been scammed. I dont get married until September so I do have time to sort things out but I have lost all my money I paid to her for deposits. She has now moved back to UK lets hope she doesnt set up here.

  • Nat 2Nat 2 Posts: 1

    We paid her £295 in January this year when I've been told she left the island and had no intention Of going back I'm going to track her down , it's theft in my opinion, it's just a good job we hadn't paid more , we paid her through PayPal so it might be possible to claim back 

  • Welshbride87Welshbride87 Posts: 122

    I would suggest tracking her down too hun, have you called your bank? I bought fake Peter Kay tickets before but my bank refunded me and I used a Debit card, I think its absolutely disgusting!! Have you contacted the police? Did you have wedding Insurance? xxx

  • I was an aisle of love Bride too its just disgusting what she has done, i know she has been reported to the police and been passed onto fraud teams but it was a cyprus business and they have different who knows xx

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    Oh my god how awful, I really feel for you image

    We used Linda from Total Paphos weddings, I don't know if she'll be able to help at all but you can contact her via her website - hope you find that things have been booked for you.

  • LexieB2BLexieB2B Posts: 32

    So sorry to hear what has happened to you i cannot imagine how you feel.  My planner may also be worth sending an email to see if she can help, she came highly recommend and doesnt ask you to pay for things up front she has photographer, dj, decoration store all in house so her prices very cheap which could help you poor brides already having paid out, she is called joanne at paphos weddings made easy.

  • cyprusncyprusn Posts: 355

    If there are any AOL brides out there that have lost money and need a photographer, please let me know, I have some special deals available just for you, to help you with this horrible situation. PM me, I would love to help you if I can.

  • maggi68maggi68 Posts: 166

    I read this thread the other day and wondered if anyone knew the name of the lady at AOL? I noticed another thread started today and wanted to double check it's not the same person? 

    I am sincerely sorry if this is not the same person and do not want to tarnish anyones reputation that's why I have not mentioned their name and have only linked to the thread. (no trace in google searches this way).

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