Zante wedding

Hi, we are looking at getting married in Zante in 2015, I think 2014 might be too much of a rush seeing as I haven't got a clue what I'm doing!

I haven't really got a clue where to start so I'm hoping for some help please.

I have been told that we need an independant wedding planner but have no idea where to find one.

Any help on getting started would be greatly appreciated


  • susharksushark Posts: 1

    Hi, we're getting married in Zante in May this year and have booked through Frances at Zante Weddings/Tsilivi Travel, she has been amazing so far, I would definitely recommend getting in touch with her.  She comes over to the UK to do some of the wedding shows, we have used these as opportunities to meet her face to face and discuss things, pay deposits etc.  They also use a UK company to sort out all the paperwork you need so no worries for you image

    You can arrange it through Travel Agents but be warned, they require you to be in the country for 8 days before you get married, if you book through Frances you don't have to be there for a minimum time.  We land on the Monday and get married on the Wednesday image

    Happy planning! x

  • zantebride5zantebride5 Posts: 23

    Hey, oh were getting married in Zante this year too.  We decided to go through Olympic Holidays as they can sort out your holiday and your wedding. Their website shows what they can offer you, what extras you can add on, etc and they are really helpful and quick to reply to any emails you send.  It seems a much better, more personal service than using a more commercial travel agents (thomas cook, first choice, etc).

    We do have to be there a week before we get married however we are happy doing this as it gives us a week before the wedding to make sure everythings prepared/sorted (and hopefully get a nice tan lol)...then a week afterwards to relax!!

    The only thing is we have to sort the paperwork out ourselves, however they have advised us what we need and when we need to get it, so hopefully it all goes okay!!

    Hope the plannings coming along nicely image

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