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How many guests

For all destination brides, how many guests do you have coming to your wedding? Is it less or more than you anticipated, and has/did anyone drop out closer to the time?


  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    we only invited 15 andof those 13 are able to come x

  • mrshughes2013mrshughes2013 Posts: 2,063 New bride
    We invited 20 and they are all coming
  • Jane3Jane3 Posts: 39

    We have about 30 people coming which is far more than I had anticipated!  It seems people really are prepared to travel to see us say I do.

  • We have invited around 60, around 35-40 people have said there coming but it's to early to book yet as my wedding isnt untill July 2014, so I wouldnt be surprised if we had a few drop out. 

    I was very surprised at the people who are making an effort, I didnt think hardly anybody would come!

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    I have 33 people coming to mine, although it is in May 2014. I have asked everyone to pay a deposit for the hotel and flight by April 1st this year. So will see if any one drops out! Again i didn't think anyone would hardly come! x


  • We invited around 30 people and 22 are coming. There were quite alot of drop outs! Particularly Bridesmaid, had a right nightmare!.....

    My last drop out were 2 people who had already paid a deposit but then decided they could it afford 2 days before their final balance was due! image

    Another 2 had already paid deposits and dropped out!

    Its a nighmare!! lol xx xx

  • amyh81amyh81 Posts: 109

    We invited 85 and we have 80 coming. I didn't include anyone on the definite list until flights were booked. I get married on 31st May this year and we are still waiting on a couple of people!

    I guess if people have spent money on hotels and flights they are less likely to drop out unless its an emergency?

  • MrsC2014MrsC2014 Posts: 822

    We invited about 100 and we have about 75 people coming. I don't know what we would have done if 100 people had said yes!! image

  • PJBridePJBride Posts: 24

    We invited a 100 and we have 84 confirmed.  I'm still waiting on about 6 people and we are getting married on the 7th of June this year.

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    We invited about 55 and 34 people came in the end, we didn't have anyone drop out last minute but we did have a couple say initially they couldn't come and then they could!

    We didn't bother with getting deposits from people, everyone arranged their own holiday, so it was no stress at all when numbers changed image

  • MrsWifeyMrsWifey Posts: 457
    We invited 16, 13 are actually coming. We were limited on numbers though as we booked the intimate package which limited the number of guests. I prefer that though as felt really nervous about lots of people watching us while we said our vows. Xx
  • Invited about 40 and 32 coming, one drop out who was bridesmaud which is very annoying as I given her every opportunity to drop out with reasonable notice. Everyone else has booked now. I would advise to try and not get stressed about arranging guests to book but set a date for people to confirm & be booked by.

  • gill1980gill1980 Posts: 44

    I think we have 10 people coming. We only really asked immediate family and our best friends, all of whom we were pretty sure would come if they could.

    None of our plans are very specific, so numbers aren't really an issue until a couple of days before we go. It's a bit of an ad-hoc wedding really!

  • CasamamaCasamama Posts: 123

    We invited 87 and have 35 coming plus me, my H2B and our little person, so 38 in total.  It was less than expected and no-one so far who has said they are coming has droppped out. Our wedding is 25 May.

    I was a bit sad but appreciate that this year some of our friends and family have had house moves, weddings themselves to pay for or had redundancies to deal with.

    We invited everyone who we would want at either the evening party only or the whole day if were to have had our wedding in the UK.

  • CLLCLL Posts: 6


    We are getting married in June and we have 15 people coming. I'm in agreement with gill1980, it was my worst nightmare having a large group of people watching us say our vows and me walking down an 'aisle'. Hopefully this won't be as nerve wrecking as its only our immediate family members coming!

    We are planning a party when we return for all those who are not able to make it or want to say congratulations!

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