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Help........Grooms suit for wedding in Cyprus

Hi, can anyone help....

We are getting married in Cyprus in June 2008 and are having problems finding a suit for h2b. We were thinking cream linen suits but can't find anywhere to hire them from......any ideas?

Mrs O 2b


  • lisajwoodslisajwoods Posts: 12

    We had same problem, could only find trousers! so I had to re think! we went for lightweight italian suits from Greenwoods (the mens suit shop) very reasonable to buy all under £99.(cheaper than to hire!) different colours from cream, mushroom, grey etc! just not linen I'm afraid.

    but I did hear that the larger branches of Co-op stock the linen suits but I couldn't find one!

    Hope this helps !

    Lisa x
  • oxfordukoxforduk Posts: 27

    H2B found his light coloued linen suit in Next sale. We got it for a bargain! I have seen them in the shops recently and new they are a good price...or you could wait until summer is over and evrywhere will have them in the sales.

    Good luck,

    Lisa x
  • Thanks for your help guys!

    I have just been on the Next website and found their linen suits, think i'll do what you suggest and wait til the sales start!

    Lisa x
  • vickiexxvickiexx Posts: 273
    M&S Collezione in Stone for £115 to buy


  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249
    Debenhams have cream linen suits to hire and buy.
  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    Hi Mrs O 2b

    I have spoken to Jenny from AlterWEgo & seen there prices, also spoken to some Lass who has ordered the same suits from Debenhams & I would not go with the latter



    Contact Jenny

    Tele 00357 26654338

    e-mail [email protected]


  • I hope I can help!

    Isearched for months to help H2b find the right coloured suit...they do them in next/debenhams etc. But they are either stone or putty coloured etc...not cream!

    In the end we got H2b's from M&S, justhappened to be walking through the shop in Milton Keynes and it was there staring us n the face!

    Ok, it's called white butput it against white like a shirt etc...and it is definetly cream, a very pale cream. If you want to see a pic on my H2b just click the email button and send me an email address to use and I will send you a picture!!

    Here's a link of the suit on the net...It actually looks awful here but is really lovely and @ £128.50 a bargain suit compard to some!

    Sorry the link is huge and I am not sure how to reduce it??

    If you log on to Marks and spencer and put in this code it should come up....T194527C

    Hope this helps!

    x cb x
  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    AlterEgo are hiring out Linen Suits for a 3 day Hire at CYP45, they also do Lady wear,


    Contact Jenny

    Tele 00357 26654338

    e-mail [email protected]


  • WeddingfanWeddingfan Posts: 432
    they also do Lady wear,

    Is that LADY wear for lady boys or ladies wear?

    Sorry Kev that just made me laugh. image

    Glyn x.
  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    Hi Glyn

    Well you know what I mean't I know I wear a Kilt but thats where it stops lol

  • AlterEgoukAlterEgouk Posts: 30
    HI all,

    Thanks for mentioning me Kevimage

    Yeah I'm based in Paphos, Cyprus and offer an island wide hire service. We currentl have light weight summer suits to hire as well as traditional stuff and we will have a full range of linen suit hire for 2008.

    Email me if you need anymore info [email protected]

    Good look Jenny xxx
  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all your help, I was only chatting with H2B this morning about his suits cos if we are going to buy linen suits then we will have to get them this year as they won't be out early enough next year!

    AlterEgo, I will send you an email, do you have a brochure I could have a look at??

    Lisa x
  • Mrs O,

    Our best men have got their suits from H&M - they were only about £80 to buy.

    We thought the same as you though - cos we're getting married in April next year, if we wait until next year they won't be in the shops early enough.

    There are absolutely loads around though - Next, M&S, Burton, H&M, Topman - they've all got them!

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