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Not long till im off to Cuba yay!!!

Question being....was your marriage certificate ready for you when you left the hotel, before your journey home?

Our nephew had his before the holiday was up, but I've read that it can be anything upto 9 months for it to arrive!!

Was just wondering?? image

Thank you!! image

X cb X

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  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    Hi cb, i'm not due to get married til feb, but my friend got married in cuba last year and i know it took a few months for hers, but then i have read on here that some people have been given theirs before leaving, so i guess it depends how busy they are,

    Jo x
  • ok, thank you...sort of what I thought. Would be nice to come home with it though hey!

    x cb x

  • burcaffburcaff Posts: 386
    Hiya CB

    As you know I got married in Cayo Coco in May..

    You get a "marriage certificate" before you leave - we actually got ours the day after the wedding. I have been able to use this to change my bank, driving licence, passport etc - with no problems.

    However, it isn't the "real one".

    we are due to receive this up to 8 wks after we return home. it is sent from the canadian embassy in havana and it's sent by DHL. Our wedding co-ordinator at the hotel will email us with the pacrcel tracking reference once they instruct DHL to deliver it to our home address

    Hope this helps

    Emma B Xxxxx

  • Thank you Emma it does help me!

    x cb x
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