I know what i want but I can't find it

I know what I want but I'm struggling to find it. We want to be married in a beautiful traditional authentic setting such as a chapel, a beautiful looking town hall, court yard etc. Nothing modern, something romantic. We then want the reception to be in nice gardens, very romantic, trees, flowers, traditional, not modern. We want abroad but anywhere really as long as the setting is rnight, it's within budget, and our guests can enjoy a holiday there too. We would want everyone to stay in an all inclusive or such hotel so they enjoy their holiday and then have the wedding at a separate location. I've contacted lots and lots of planners from various locactions and no-one has been too helpful. Offering beach weddings or locations over our budget. We want to spending about ??6, 000. Wedding, ceremony, reception and fo8d f8r about 40 ppl. I found some beautiful places on Spain, one being a lovely romantic traditional castle with lovely walled gardens and citrus groves but we can legally get married in Spain and h2b doesn't want to do the registry office over here first, so Spain is now a no no. Surely it cant be this difficult....


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    Can't legally get married in spain *

    Sorry for typos my tablet is going crazy
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    Hi Ajade I’ve read on your other topic you wanted to get married outside and now you want to get married inside like kinda chapel and your budget was 8000 with the possibility of stretching it and now is 6000?? I really don’t think you know what you want while you say you do…..better make your mind up first…..good luck on whatever you choose image

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    Don't get stressed Hun, I still think the best thing to do is to explain to a planner exactly what you want and require and they will advise you what is best rather than asking them what they do.

    I agree with above that you need to sit down and make your mind up though then it would be easier. When I was choosing I spoke with 4 different planners an got all their ideas before choosing what I wanted.

    Rachel why spam people's threads, it's ruins the forum! You have 10 million post that you put on this morning if people wanted your services they would ask, you are putting people off spamming!

    Ajade if you need any help pm me x
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    Have you looked into Cyprus? image It's legal to get married over there so you don't need to worry about having a seperate ceremony back home.

    We got married at Saint Pauls Pillar chapel in Paphos, here's some pics, this isn't our wedding it's just from a photographers website!

     We had our reception somewhere else, but this venue sounds like the kind of place you're looking for - you can have your ceremony there too image


    Your budget is definitely do-able, but personally I would give people the option to book whichever hotel they like, you can recommend somewhere but we found that people liked having the option of looking into their own accommdoation - a lot stayed at the same place we recommended, but some didn't - I think if we'd said everyone had to stay somewhere that a few might not have come

    We used Linda at Paphos Total weddings, she was fab

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    Well we want our top budget to be ??8, 000 roughly. I've noticed that some planners include more than others, so we've advised the planners ??6-8, 000 depending on what's included. But top budget for the wedding and extras is ??8, 000 as we know the "package" will need to be added to. That's why I say ??6, 000 to allow for these extras.

    I want the reception to be outside, and I don't mind about the ceremony whether it's the same venue or snother but I just want it to be special (some town halls or venues just look like plain buildings inside)

    Ionian weddings sent me some beach weddings (which I don't want) or a lovely monastery in Cyprus which looked lovely and within budget but I saw some wedding snaps on facebook and in the background was a holidaymaker in her bikini bottoms sunbathing which put me off, as I'd rather be in our own space away from the public (for the reception)

    I do know what I want, but wondering whether it's possible & at the moment jm getting a bit stressed trying to find it and work out costs etc.

    Sorry for all my annoying posts and questions and thanks for helping.
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    You don't have to go with a set 'package' - ours wasn't, we put it all together completely bespoke, there was nothing we had to have, execpt the planners fee and the legal fees you have to pay

    Yeah, you'll find that most beach weddings aren't private, I came across that issue and it's what put me off a beach wedding, I didn't want people swanning about in their bikinis as I said my vows!! Same goes for hotel  venues, you won't have private use of the hotel and we really wanted to only have our guests there

    We had our reception at the Elea resort in Paphos, you get private usage of the whole venue - you can have your cermony outside there too if you like on the lawns - the views are stunning & you can have your meal and reception out on the terraces, it's a really beautiful venue and the food is amazing, very good quality



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    Yes, the monastery in Cyprus doesn't appear to be a private location (they didn't say that though) it llooked lovely but I don't want random people wondering around. Plus a beach wedding is just not me. I want tradition, gardens, trees, history..

    Thank for those suggestions, I'll look.

    Portugal looked lovely too I just need to see what venues and costs are involved in the areas
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    Hi there

    I am getting married at kalithea springs on Rhodes don't if you have already considered this. It fits your garden criteria. It is an old Italian spa on Rhodes. There is a small bay and you get married in the rotunda overlooking the sea. If you google it there are lots of pics. There is a small taverna there too. We're using unique weddings I know there are lots of other planners on the island. All in with lots of extras and a uk do think it is costing about 10k.
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    I'll look into that, thank you.

    We said all in, with a UK do we want to spend approx ??10k, so that would work. We know how much things can add up once you put in extras, a party here etc.
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    Im getting married abroad in mexico although i am getting married on the beach i have seen so many quaint pictures of mexican weddings in chapels and very romantic. Our package is for 20 people anc the ceremony receptionetc. Was 1600 on top of the holiday. In some hotels the wedding packages can sometimes be free. May be a little far but from some pictures i have seen it could just be what your looking for.

    Good luck in your planning.
  • Dear Ajade,

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like a quote from French Kiss Wedding.

    We specialise in budget wedding in France or Spain. I have found a beautiful castle and also a farm in Normandy that could fit into your budget. You wont have to do much compromises as this part of France is really affordable. I come from this region and I believe I could help you, I am myself getting married in Normandy next year and I also have a budget to keep.

    Have a look at our website and drop me an email. We could do a skype meeting and see from there if I can help! The first 2 meetings are free!

    Hope this might help.


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    Try Rhodes. We are getting married in Lindos in the grounds of St Dimitries which is a gorgeous rustic chapel set on a hill overlooking the sea. We are then having our reception at the garden lounge of the melenos and its has lots of greenery, hanging lanterns etc have a look at our planners site www.lindosweddings.co.uk for pics and details as I'm on my phone!
  • How about somewhere like here for the reception?? This venue is on the Amalfi Coast in italy.









  • If you're interested in Cyprus, have a look at the Ethnographical Museum in the old town of Paphos, it's very old, very private and so pretty, you can get married here and have your reception with private caterers. Or Vasilias Inn, a very rustic private inn covered in vines and bourganvillea. If you'd like rustic mixed with luxury, Ayii Anargyri is stunning and has a beautiful chapel onsite, it's the location of an ancient natural springs but now has a luxury spa and small hotel. If you decide to marry overlooking the sea you are unlikely to find anything completely private, although the more remote (out of town) the more private. Feel free to ask if you'd like any more suggestions. Good luck.

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    Four seasons Limassol Cyprus!
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