My Sorrento Wedding


I'm back from my wonderful wedding in Sorrento. I have posted some wedding photos on the newleywed section. Any brides getting married in sorrento are going to love your day so much.

x Lucy


  • JoanneBeeJoanneBee Posts: 91
    HI Lucy,

    I will check out your piccies. I am getting married in just 18 days time in Sorrento and I am sooooooooooo excited. Did you have many guests

  • JoanneBeeJoanneBee Posts: 91
    Hi Lucy,

    Me again. Wow you look amazing and everything looks so gorgeous,

    Where did you stay and where did you have your meal after the wedding. Sorry to ask so many questions but it looks like you had such a good time. we have 15 guests too. All close family.

  • lucy_spoonlucy_spoon Posts: 236

    OMG, you are going to have a fab day. I loved having just the close family there, made it so much more personal. I felt like i had nothing to prove to them if that makes sense!! We had a wonderful day...i am so jealous you get to have your wedding soon.

    Where are off for your meals, drinks etc?

    x L
  • Hi Ya,

    Glad you had a lovely wedding, how do i look at your pictures? i am new to this website.

    we are thinking of Sorento for the wedding, i have been in contact with some wedding planners, book of dreams is one of them.

    Can you tell me where you had your ceremony and your meal please....We are aiming for Sep 08 but looking to fly out this september to view and choose a venue.



  • lucy_spoonlucy_spoon Posts: 236

    please use the link below

    my email is [email protected] & the password is dean8520.

    we had our ceromony at the cloisters & had the meal at parruccianos. I can't recommend the restaurant enough. We used Alessandra at the book of dreams...absolutley fab!!! couldn't have done it without her


  • jules74ukjules74uk Posts: 370
    Looks fabulous.... congratulations and a beautiful dress. I get married in 8 weeks in Ravello also on the Amalfi Coast and seeing you photo's has got me all excited again, Best wishes for the future to you both. xx
  • JoanneBeeJoanneBee Posts: 91
    Hi Lucy,

    I have been dying to speak to you. We haven't planned anyhing yet. Not sure how it works. We are staying at the Grand Riviera who won't do a reception for us as they only do 'big'functions.

    We do have a wedding planner who has said no need to plan till we get out ther on the 20th July. But I am now starting to feel a little paniced as I don't know what will happen. Would love to know what happened at yours. AFter the ceremony did you walk to a restaurant. Did you pre book and organise your own settings and own music etc. Did you have speeches and first dance etc. Any advice would be sooooo appreciated me and H2B are a little nervous.

  • lainey26uklainey26uk Posts: 16
    Hi Lucy

    I'm getting married in Sorrento on 4 September 2007 at the cloisters followed by a reception at the parrucchiano restaurant and could not believe that you had done so aswell.

    I was so excited I had to take a peek at your photographs and it looks absolutely amazing you looked fabulous!!!!

    I think the problem with getting married abroad is that you can't visualise everything and your not in control.

    Do I have anything to worry about with regards to the cloisters or the parrucchiano? I have a fear of the unknown now that its getting closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lorraine x
  • Hello ladies,

    I am reading your messages and im frustrated as i cant view the pictures on the link. I dont understand why.

    Can anyone help me.?? weird.

    Im dying to see your pics.

    We are going to get married in Italy and i have been dealing with helpful lady called Sharon from Weddings She is giving me information on a lovely in a place 15 mins from a place called Viareggio,

    Anyone heard of this??


  • PJamesukPJamesuk Posts: 3
    Thanks Lucy for the link to you photos.

    We are also getting married in the Cloisters in Sorrento, at the end of August, Alessandra is helping us and we are having our meal at Parruchiano.

    Your photos are lovely and havereassured me!
  • Hello Lucy,

    I have managed to look at your pics at last! image

    You looked lovely, loved your hair and dress.

    Im dealing with Alessandra also and seeing what options i have as we want to get married outdoors but also with sea, panaromic views and its harder then i thought to get a venue!

    Also on email to Federika at [email protected], she is helpful also.

    we will get there in the end.

    what date did you get married?? weather looks lovely


  • lucy_spoonlucy_spoon Posts: 236
    Hi Lainy 26 & PtJ

    You are going to have a fab fab fab day. You have no worries about the venue & the meal. The cloisters is a fab romantic was the perfect place to wed. The restaurant is the best place we have all been to. We had a cornered off area outside in lemon trees with our own waiters. The food just kept coming & coming, it was delicious. The head waiter 'nicola' (a man) was absolutley fantasic & we never stopped laughing.

    I have my prof pics back now & also i will get some pics on the site of the restaurant for you.

    I'm so jealous, i want to do it all again.

    x x

    Hi Duran, we got married on 21st the middle of the heatwave!! so my one suggestion is not to get a huge dress. x
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