Wedding in cyprus

Hey there!

I am hoping someone can help me!

My Fiance and I are looking to get married abroad next year in June (hopefully if the price is right) and more likely Cyprus!

our problem is we are looking for it to be lovely but cheap, with like 45 guests!!! 

Ideally I love the Elyssium, but will that be expensive?

please help me! 



  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    What kind of budget do you have? It's definitely possible to get a good deal in Paphos, I'd recommend contacting a few wedding planners for quotes, they'll happily do that for you without you booking

    Also, bear in mind that if you're inviting 45 people, some probably won't be able to make it, so your numbers might be lower in the end

  • LexieB2BLexieB2B Posts: 32

    Elysium is 5 star and lovely but what put me of this hotel when i was looking was everything has to be booked through them and i didnt want the expense of all the extra charges they wanted for cake and flowers. 

    I have been given some great options from my planner and prices are not as expensive as i thot they would be.  I got a brochure and info on everything with a breakdown.  If you are looking for a planner i used paphosweddingsmadeeasy - found they were most helpful and best price for packages.


  • we stayed at the atlanica aeneas a/i was lovely image


  • JanVukJanVuk Posts: 46
    Four Seasons Limassol
  • kez79kez79 Posts: 114
    Just got back from a long weekend in paphos we stayed at the it is beautiful, but yes prob the most expensive! But prob one of the best hotels.
  • CWMCWM Posts: 6

    If it too expensive for your guests to stay in the Elysium, then there are many other hotels and accomodation within a minutes walking distance! Allowing you and you H2B to have some distance from your guests but your still close to your Wedding Party. Hotels nearby are: Kissos Hotel (Opposite), Kefalos Beach Village (Next door), Tasmaria, Venus Beach Hotel, Damon Hotel, Hilltop Gardens and Capital Coast are within walking distance to the Elysium. 


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