Barbados/Las Vegas or New York


Has anyone got or getting married in either Barbados, New York or Las Vegas?

Me and H2B want a small wedding and also wanted to combine our wedding with H2B 40th birthday next April, we've always wanted to go to New York and Las Vegas, but not sure whether we wanted to get married there and instead get married in Barbados and then go off for H2B 40th in Las Vegas.

Any ideas welcome.


  • I'm getting married in November in Barbados... just love the idea of a relaxed day just the two of us. Going to Waves - Virgin do great packages and well worth visiting one of their shops for some advice. We did lots of online research but were genuinely impressed with their knowledge (although disappointed didn't get any bubbly or freebies! LOL)



  • I love beach weddings. I think you should go for it. I have addented a beach wedding in Donegal. All the arrangements were provided be a Famous Wedding Hotel Donegal (Ireland). It was such a nice experience. I have decided that i will prefer beach venue for my wedding.

  • Im getting married next year in Vegas and love the options that we have.

    We are going for Elvis all the way but you can be as traditional or as out there you want. We looked at a shotgun wedding at the Gun Store, a helicopter flight over the Las Vegas strip and even a drive through.

    We are even considering a dual booking that takes in both Vegas an New York so that we can take it all in.

    Whatever you decide have fun xx
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    cheers for yoyr posts, barbados 2013 i see you are goiibg away on your own, are you getting married in the hotel or on the beach? we want something quite intimate with it being the two of us, what are your plans on your weddibg day and are you having a reception when you go back home?




    ashley x

  • Only just seen this so sorry for the delay... We are getting married on the beach at Waves in Barbados and yes just the two of us as we wanted something low key. Havinga party just informal buffet style with cocktails when we get back. Family and friends have been really understanding and looking forward to the celebrations when we get back. We did have a wobble at one point about it being just the two of us but we just didnt want the pressure or fuss. As i said abovr Virgin really know their stuff so worth havinga chat... And no i dont work for them! Sue
  • On the actual day we are having spa treatments and sitting by the pool. Getting ready in the afternoon. Ceremony on the beach at 3... Good tip is to check tide times! Canapes cake and champagne whilst we are having our pre requisite sunset pics and off for dinner in the evening... Perfect!
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    I'm another Vegas bride, what I love most about marrying in Vegas, aside from all the fantastic options, is just how easy it is - you just choose a package and bam, wedding planned!!  I guess it'd be similar wherever you go though.

    Love the idea of getting some beach time afterwards, it's made me think actually, as we'd originally planned 2 weeks in vegas - perhaps a week in Vegas and a week's chilling on a beach may be the way forward for us image

    Am keeping it v low key, just a few friends, and having a reception when we get back to the UK, which i'm hoping we'll be able to keep fairly cheap!



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    Hi Barbados2013,


    have you been to Barbados before? It really is such a lovely place. Went then 4 years ago and had a fab time? Where are you going for dinner in the evening? 


    What sort of dress are you going for, did you spend much on one? 

    i see that you are having a party when you get back, i am going to do one to, debut not not quite sure what to do yet, are you going t have your party like it's an evening reception with cutting a cake ad a first dance? Are you sending out proper invites? 


    Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get some ideas



  • No worries. Never been to the carribean before but have a friend with a place there who gave me lots of info... not sure where we're going to go for dinner, we'll sort it ot when we get there.

    Dress wise, I didn't want a 'wedding' dress just something light and floaty so after wasting my time in bridal shops, ended up in MOnsoon and my dress was £59 in the sale reduced from £300! Wearing it with sparkly flip flops and getting proper heels for party back home (which I will splash out on). OH has bought a three piece suit but will probably just wear trousers and a shirt on the day (he has gone for silvery grey rather than beige which he wouldn't wear again). 

    The party is just a party  - buffet and drinks and dancing at a local lounge bar. No cake or first dance (just really not us at all!).

    Invites... we're sending 'message in a bottles' - picture here - have sent the first out already to family that are far away and have hotels and child care to sort and they loved them!  I wanted to make an effort for invites as we're not inviting anyone to the wedding and they have been appreciated and totally in keeping with the informality of the back home party (I didn;t want to have 'wedding'invites and people expect a wedding reception if that makes sense!

    We're going to have a 'honeymoon' next year, probably America and probably Las Vegas for a few days combined with a beach / sightseeing week.

    Does that help? Where abouts in Barbados did you go? I have heard such great things about it, can't wait!!! Sue x


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    Hi Barbados,

    Sorry for the late reply.  You sound like your all sorted for your wedding abroad, I wish I could just make a decision! I am sooooo indecisive!

    You will like Barbados, when we went we stayed down the south on Dover Beach, was a five 5 minute walk from the bars, but we didn't really go down there that often once ot twice I think!

    Make sure you take a trip to swim with the turtles,it is so much fun, a night out to Oistins is a must, brilliant night out! go to some local rum shops and have banks beer and mix with the locals is good too!

    Hire a car a take a trip to Bottom Bay on the East Coast, what a lovely beach, sea is rough, but you have the whole beach to yourself and the man working on the beach will climb the tree to get you a fresh cocanut!

    I cannot comment on the restaurants as we did not eat out, but have heard the Cliff restaurant is truly amazing, but you have to book months in advance.

    If you want anymore info let me know.

  • Thanks Adher.... did look at The Cliff but would be more expensuve than the wedding! 

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