Alexandra the Great - Cyprus

Hi, has anybody ever booked a wedding direct with Alexandra the Great without using a wedding planner?... do they have their own wedding co-ordinator to help with everything?

Also have people had their weddings here but stayed in a different hotel?.



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    Hi xsam28x

    My brochure I received from my planner says you dont have to stay at the hotel to use the facilities but you do have a venue charge to pay but its not expensive compared to other hotels.  The only problem I found with looking to book direct with the hotels is that they  dont do all the legal stuff or take you to townhall and i would be to scared going on my own incase something was wrong image Most hotel planners ive spoke with did seem friendly but felt more confident going with a planner xxx


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    had my wedding there last year and booked with paphos weddings made easy by the fabulous Jo Heyworth. Everything was amazing. Helene the wedding coordinator of Alexander the Great aworked well with us and Jo our wedding olanner and gave us the free extras that u would get with booking it direct with the hotel! Helene made sure the drinks, catering and decorations were all in order and we knew we were in safe hands as she would ring our hotel room and come to our hotel room to check over the final details. Every time we bumped into her in the hotel, she would ensure we were having a good stay. We have booked to go bk for our 1 yr anniversary and I know Helene will remember us and give us a good room!
  • LexieB2BLexieB2B Posts: 32

    I have also booked with the lovely girls from paphos weddings made easy they have been great with everything.  Can highly recommend them.  Far to many choices of venues on offer i keep getting updated with new ones and finding it hard sticking to one but it all the more exciting  xx

  • Im thinking of having our ceremony there and then going elsewhere to have a reception/ so cheap to have th ceremony there xxx

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  • Ladies i also thought that there was no minimum stay at the Alex the Great but a venue charge but after speaking to paphosweddingsmadeeasy i have now been told we have to stay there for a min 3 nights xxx

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