Olympic Lagoon Resort - Ayia Napa, Cyprus


We are currently looking to get married in cyprus next year. The Olympic Lagoon Resort is currently top of our list as we are execting quite a few guests all with children. Also we really like the look of the venues on site for the ceremony/reception.

Has anyone had their wedding there? & how expensive is it for us and our guests?



  • This site is for brides getting married at The Olympic Lagoon R.  They are brilliant! Brenda


  • Mrs McC 2BMrs McC 2B Posts: 674
    Its brilliant there I went to my friends wedding in October and I cant reccommended it highly enough! Infact thats where I am on my profile picture. If u look im selking some if her things so you could maybe look at the background in the pictures. Gem
  • JanVukJanVuk Posts: 46
    Olympic now do outlet you ok your own photographer, DJ etc so be aware. four Seasons Limassol
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