what can i do?

we arent getting married until 2015, so obviously cant book anything yet and really feel like we cant do anything yet! 


we have sent out cards to say we are engaged and would love for people to join us abroad, i have asked my bridesmaids, narrowed down the hotels we like just trying not to set our hearts on one too much incase anything changes in the next year or so! i found some bridesmaid dresses i really liked on ebay they were chiffon material, kept looking at them so have ordered one as they are quite cheap to see what the quality is like etc incase they arent that nice and i need to look for others! 


any idea what i can do in the mean time?


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    Ooh your at the best stage! Start a scrap book of themes and ideas you like. Get together some clippings of bouquets you like, have a few dress sessions so you know what style suits you then you have ages to find the one!

    Start deciding how you want to decorate your potential venue. Why can't you book yet? I got engaged June 2011 and marrying end of this month! We booked church and venue straight away so we could focus on other things.

    Once theme decided you can start collecting bits and pieces as and when you see them so its not all a rush.
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    because we are getting married abroad and cant book until the holiday brochures come out for summer 2015 which will be april 2014!! image 

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    Some wedding planners are taking bookings for 2015 - have you contacted some in the place where you want to get married?  They'll be able to advise you of the flight days and you can probably book a date now, then book your holiday afterwards.

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    We are just going to book It through the travel agent with the holiday package as the reviews for the wedding planners r fab and I would be worried about booking through anther company for the wedding planner in case anything happened!xx
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    which travel agents are you using? we have gone through travel agents too, only problem I have with it is we dont get to sort anything until we actually get there, they wont even confirm our wedding date until we arrive image
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    I feel a little bit like this too - my wedding is July 2014 and it just seems a little early to do too much and sometimes I feel like I might explode for wanting to talk about it but nobody is particularly interested...  Or people ask and ask what I've gotten done and I never have very much to report! The girls above are right though - get yourself onto Pinterest and start making a note of ideas for things you like and 2015 gives you a good amount of time to save to have so many things so try to look on the bright side of it! xx

  • I agree with the above. Get lots of ideas of themes and colours etc. Have you found the venue you want.

    Wedding planners are a good start though, where are you thinking of getting married? They may provisional book your date and if you take out wedding insurance; you are covered if the unforntuate does happen. (Hopefully not; but least you have peace of mind if so) They may possible honour the prices for the current year; saving you some money.

    I'm a July 2014 bride; and I've booked venue, reception, catering, cake, photographer, flowers, suits and other bits and bobs. They have honoured the prices in place for 2013 - which is great!

    Good luck image and Happy planning. xx

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    MrsG where are you getting married! I heard we could request a date and time when we book it and would hear within a few weeks if that date is available.

    We are getting married in Cuba, originally we were going to book through Thomas cook as they were cheaper but they only fly on Mondays whereas Thomson fly on Thursday and would work better with holidays for most people!

    Haha defiantly understand the whole wanting to talk about it thing! People would probably be more interested if it was a bit nearer for us!xxx
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    We are getting married in turkey. We have used thomas cook, we have requested a date but they have said they cant confirm until we arrive in the resort :-/ might be different for cuba though!

    nobody is particularly interested in ours yet either, keep thinking maybe when its closer haha x
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    Very nice!! I love turkey! We are off there for our holiday this year to turkbuku near Bodrum xx
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    we have never actually been before! it was either there or cyprus but seeing as we are going to a wedding in cyprus already this year thought we would go somewhere different. we are going to belek (i think!) near antalya. when are you going on holiday? xx
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    I have been to kemer near Antalya before and that was nice! We are going in may xx
  • MrsG -MrsG - Posts: 72
    actually just looked and thats right next to where we are getting married, we have booked the paloma renaissance. we were planning on having a holiday there in june to see what its like but we have a wedding in cyprus in may so cant really afford to do both. hope you have a lovely time xx
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    Is it! I sure u will have a lovely time and it will be perfect image) xx
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    That was meant to be a smiley face!! Lol xx
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    lol i dont even know how to use those smilies just stick to the retro ones image xx
  • I found out (after waiting almost 6 months) that some companies will let you book the holiday and 'register'interest in the wedding package allowing you to book once the prices are confirmed nearer the time. Worth checking out although bit riskky if the hotel stops doing weddings

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    Oh really!! That's interesting to know! Thank you image

    We have decided our hotel it is just making sure they still do weddings then!xx
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    Hi Sebx, fellow 2015'er here and the same, i was so stressed to begin with and feelin a bit in limbo with it all but just tryin to enjoy researchin loadz, chattin to people n its great knowin that no stress at moment. A think a holiday this year to detination to get even better idea then will be all go beginning of next

    al i would say is as the others have pointed out enjoy it n start gettin load of stuff put together in a scrap book image

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    Where are you planning on getting married mrsc mcb 2b?

    Can't really afford to go visit destination before hand! Keep panicking about our budget that we aren't going to have enough as it is! Although I keep going through it and it seems we should be ok! So I am relying b the reviews of previous brides, trip advisor and Facebook groups!! I haven't read one bad reviews so far! Just hope it doesn't go down hill in the next 2 years!!

    I just keep telling myself 6 months down that have flown by and only another 12 until we can book! I think when we can book things it will be so much better as seem so much more real!! I am defiantly going to get a scrap book though image can you get pretty wedding ones does anyone know?xxx
  • I would speak to travel agents too... I am not visiting my destination before the wedding but was blown away by the local knowledge of Virgin wedding reps. Tripadvisor was good but need to bear in mind that things change for better and worse so i have stopped reading! Happy planning x
  • Hi hun, im getting married in Cyprus Sept 2015, we are going with a private wedding planner as they know more about the area and who is best to go with in regards with hair, make up, flowers etc (so iv heard?!)


    We can book our date in June but thats about it really lol! the best thing you can do now is what the other ladies have suggested, getting some ideas together (if your having a party when you get back) go to wedding fayres, do some research about weddings in Cuba etc image xxx

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    Yeah i think i would be lost without some guidance n help from everyone else. The wedding planners are amazin though a big reason i decided not to go through a travel company!! the weddin planners have so much insight and experience from the destination and they really couldnt be more helpful even at this early stages just with sendin info on venues etc

    We have decided on Portrugal as it was our first holiday together (booked as surprise by h2b) and we both loved it,

    I havent started my scarp book yet but my magazines are slowly pilling up and print outs from online so need to get on it soon...if you just even google it loadz of places you can buy one or even just make it yourself image x

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