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Hi everyone, 

I haven't posted much on the hitched forums but would really value some help and advice.  We have had our UK wedding booked since the end of January, we have only paid a £500 deposit.  Over the last few weeks we have begun to realise that a UK wedding isn't what we want, we would love to get married in Spain.  We have spoken to our families and they approve of our decision so the next thing to do is start planning!! I have no idea where to start or what to do first!! 

Any advice you could give me would be great!






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    Hi Bev,

    Am unsure of the laws in Spain, but not sure whether you need to be in the country for 30 days prior to the wedding and also to get married in a chucth you need to be catholic. Best thing is to contact a wedding planner in Spain, google them or check the wedding abroad forum on here. I would use a local planner rather than a travel agent but that again is your choice.

    We are getting married in Portugal as the laws are more relaxed and found loads of planners available even just for advice.

    Hope you figure it out

    Leanne x

  • Hi,

    You can legally get married in spain unless either you live there or have been ther for 30 days i think it is, you would still have to do the registry office over here for it to be legal and they do a blessing over there, not a church wedding.

    Definatly get some ideas on planning companies though, do some research and contact a few different one's to get ideas on venue's they offer and prices etc...

    Good luck and congratulations xxxxxx

  • Hello everyone, 

    Thanks for your replies! You're all right, since my post I have found out that we can only have a blessing in Spain and we would have to have a civil ceremony back in the UK before we left - which to me, defeats the object of going away to get married.  So I've been looking at Italy and Greece.  The only problem with this is the cost for our guests, I had a quick look at flights and they tend to be more expensive.  So we're in a bit of a pickle at the moment!


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    Have you looked into portugal?

  • Hi Lea_B

    Your venue is gorgeous!! I'm very jealous!  We have never considered Portgual, mainly because we have never been and wouldn't know where to look.  Had you been there before you booked your wedding?

    Have you guests managed to get cheap flights etc?


    Sorry for all the questions!

  • oh and did you use a wedding planner Lea_B?


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    Hi Thank You! In my opinion portugal is much nicer than spain, and that was before i even booked the wedding. I had been to Portugal along time ago when I was a kid. But we chose it because it was close enough for people to travel too and if they only wanted a few days it was cheaper and more accessible that greece and italy. I fell in love with my venue, when I saw it advertised in my first wedding magazine but thought it was out of our price limit, but we soon learnt it wasnt. We have just been a visited the venue and it is even better than on paper. It was the first time for my h2b to visit portugal and he loved it, says we will definetly be returning after the wedding, its the best place he's been! so thumbs up there.

    Yes we contacted a few planners - Quinta Occasions deal directly with the venue we had chosen. But we also asked Sonho a Dois for venue ideas before we chose Quinta Jacintina. The planners have been so great both companies they really do take the stress and worry off your planning.

    Our flights haven't been released for next year but looking at this years flight prices it will probably be around £250pp for flights but you can get much cheaper if you travel by easyjet or ryanair. We flew via ryanair last week and its cost of £120 each and we are also travelling out in February and its costs us £72 each. So there are cheap flights out there.

    Don't worry I don't mind answering questions.

    Also the legalities are you can get married legally and get an international wedding certficate which is in portuguese and english which avoids getting it translated.

    Pricewise I think its a lot cheaper than UK.

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    Hi Bev,

    I have been in pretty much the same situation as you although i alway knew i wanted to gte married abroad (always dreamed of pick sand beach in bahamas but knew that wasnt goin to happend haha) reason bein i wanted too know my family can come and for no one to feel under pressure in regards to cost.

    Me and H2B had looked at several locations maily Portrugal (our first holiday together-surprise from him) ibiza,cyprus, greece and a few others. as i also found out lookin into ibiza due to spanish lawas its only a blessing, since lookin into it more and speaking to people on her (leanne (lea_B) is great and so helpful we have definetly decided on Portrugal, its so beautiful we loved it there and so many options and pricing is good for all the other guests.

    We have still not decided on venues but are hopin to get a holiday this year to meet weddin planners and look at places. We are not gettin married until 2015 so still a bit time yet!!

    I am just gettin over that where do i start feelin and alittle more settled no we have decided where we are goin, and will be even more settled once i have had my holiday haha

    Good luck image x

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    aw thank you Mrs C McB 2B, image Thats great you have decided, do you have a shortlist of venues or have you spoken to any Planners?!

    I think alot of people think spain is the same as portugal but it really isn't so just want to make you aware that it doesnt have to be long haul or greece or italy.


  • It's good to know I'm not the only one that feels the same image I am definitely going to look at Portugal!  I have been in contact with a planner at Sonho a Dois and they have sent me a tonne of venues to look at - they're seem really helpful and in the know!!

    I'm getting excited again now!! Yay!

    Do you have any advice on which areas to avoid etc?x

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    Yay Sonho a dois they are really good! I was sad that we couldn't use them for our venue!

    Not that I know of, it depends what you are looking for in a destination. The main resort is albufeira where in peak times can get rowdy but it is nice also!
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    Have they sent you Canico?! That was my second choice of we couldn't afford Quinta jacintina. The view was amazing. If not ask for it x
  • italybride2013 OMG your venue is amazing!!!!  Just had a look at your planning thread and it looks perfect!

    Do you think a total 10k budget is unrealistic?

    Lea_B Yes they've sent us Canico - going to have a snoop now 



  • Italybride2013 are flights announced on easyjets facebook page?  image

  • I second Italybrides recommendation of Italy image (we are marrying in the same venue, lol!). It's totally doable for 10K, unless you want loads and loads of guests. We haven't spent much more than that and we have 47 guests. Happy planning imagex

  • That's reassuring image we really don't want to spend too much money.  A wedding in the UK without anything to make it a bit different was costing us £15k image and we just can't justify that sort of money. 


    Your wedding thread is beautiful Amalfibridezilla! x

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    Yeah leanne i already feel a weights been lifted now we have eventually decided. Not got a shortlist yet, thats the next task image

    mrshayestobe thats who i ahve been in contact with Sonho a dois and a few other weddin planners in Portugal but the girls at Sonho a dois seem so helpful and there to answer any questions just makes it feel easier already image

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    Hi Bev,

    It’s definitely easier to get married in Italy, Greece or Cyprus.

    We got married in July 2012 in a small village in Northern Greece for sentimental reasons – family origin. We wanted a Rustic/Country kind of wedding.

    We've used a local wedding planner, Marina Charitopoulou at Concept Events Planning [] based in Thessaloniki and we are really happy with our choice.

    The city of Thessaloniki (2nd largest city in Greece) was our 2nd choice. You’ll find excellent food, civil ceremony can take place at a neoclassical building in the city centre or in the modern town hall and there are numerous options for the wedding reception, some of them with a really nice sea view. You’ll get the perfect wedding with £8,000-9,000 for 40-45 guests.

    Good luck and congratulations!


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