Travel - Organising it there or here?

Hi Ladies,

I have had a quote for transfers on the wedding day from my hotel, to the ceremony and then to the reception for all my guests and also a car for me and one for the groom, im also waiting on a few quotes from another company.

I dont know wether i should book and pay for it now online or wait till im out there and see if i can sort it out then, i know more than likely i will find a better deal.  The hotel have said they can recommend some goof companies and help me organise when i get there, ... there are pro's and con's for each i guess.

What are you guy's all doing if your arranging the transport for your guest?



  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    we have pre arranged so there is not the stress when we get there. last thing you want if to have panic cause you cant get what you want at short notice. That said we will only be needing 3 cars so the savings probably woulndt be massive x

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    We arranged it all in advance via our wedding planner, yes you could try and sort it when you're there but realistically do you really want to be trawling around talking to travel companies when you could be relaxing with your guests and enjoying the time leading up to your wedding?

    I'd get it sorted in advance image

  • I've arranged it with my planner as I think its important everyone gets there on time and will take the stress out. Got 2 cars & a coach for the guests.

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