Vegas Brides

Hello people, you all look like a nice friendly bunch!

Any other Vegas brides on here? What are your plans, would love to know what other brides have picked!

Just starting to look at options myself, its massively overwhelming, so many options.

We're getting married October or November 2014, planning 2 weeks in Vegas with a few close friends then a reception when we get back, not sure how im gonna wait that long, but im sure itll be worth it . . . oh, and itll be 2nd time round for me - 1st for h2b image




  • NyckyNycky Posts: 52

    We were at a wedding 3 years ago in Vegas and it was brilliant. They had a small meal in the downstairs resturant Gabi something like that in Paris and the food was amazing. We all went dancing at the belagio Fontana bar afterwards - it had a live band and the balcony right at the fountains. Made it quite amazing


  • MissKazMissKaz Posts: 51

    Ooh, I know the one you mean, Mon Ami Gabi it's one of the ones I picked out as a potential reception venue (if we can afford it, which is currently in question, hehe!)

    Love the sound of the Fontana bar too, that's exactly the sort of low key but fun evening I was hoping to have, sounds awesome image

    Where did they actually get married?



  • NyckyNycky Posts: 52

    It was the Chapel of Flowers. (I think). It was lovely - also had a live webcam to the UK so people who could not travel could watch the ceremony.

    Thats the resturant Mon Ami Gabi - the food was amazing! Really could not fault it. We had a private room as well with just the 16 of us.

    They didnt book the Fontana Bar we just went across and they just happened to have a band on. Cause we were all dressed up to the nines we were allowed in image

    They also had as favours  -  some chips from the hotel we were all staying at so we could have a flutter and they also had chips made specially with the date of their wedding engraved on it as a keep sake!

    hope that helps

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