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Wedding in pathos

Anyone got any information on wedding reception venues in pathos. I am getting married on 23rd May at St Gorges chapel and dont want to leave all arrangments till i get there. I am staying at Loius Patheon beach club hotel but not sure if i want reception there as rest of wedding party are staying in villas in Coral bay.

Any help with photographers or anything else would be helpful


  • JJJuk1JJJuk1 Posts: 22
    Hi Laurijill

    i'm getting married in paphos in may also, I was the same ,didn't want to leave everything till I got there.

    I'm having my reception in a restaurant called Zaffrons, it has it's own website, it's beautiful!, the lady who owns it called Stella is brill, she can arrange everything for you, photographer, cake, transport etc.

    The restaurant is that popular now it's only hired out just for weddings, have a look at the site and see what you think.

    Hope this helps x
  • Bubble06ukBubble06uk Posts: 76

    I am looking to book our wedding for May 2009. Not quite decided on hotel yet there are so many to choose from.

    I have heard a lot about Zaffrons website looks good. Are there any outdoor venues there for meal?
  • laurijilllaurijill Posts: 3
    Hi Amanda

    What date in May are you getting married?

    I'll try having a look at zaffrons

    Thanks x
  • JJJuk1JJJuk1 Posts: 22
    Hi again,

    I'm flying out on 6th and we are having the wedding on 12th, still seems such a long time away, and i'm so excited already!

    Bubble06, there are outdoor venues what type of resturant have you got in mind?
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