2014 holidays go on sale tomorrow = excited bride

So it's finally time to book the holiday / honeymoon for our wedding in Rhodes & I'm not sure which hotel to book. Has anyone been to Rhodes and can recommend a hotel, preferably in Kalithea Many thanks x


  • gina ggina g Posts: 397
    I went on holiday in Rhodes and loved it. Stayed in rhodes town and lindos image
  • gina ggina g Posts: 397
    The one in an area outside lindos was a 5* mitsis hotel
  • Rhodes old town is vibrant and great fun... Lindos is very traditionally greek and pretty quiet. Lots of great 5* hotels though x
  • sal4sal4 Posts: 20

    does anyone know if flights for may 2014 will be out to book yet ... i cant book my accomodation til they are out its very frustrating!?

  • BrookieBrookie Posts: 163
    We're staying in the kresten royal villas and spa in kalithea for our September wedding. Looks amazing and has pretty good reviews.
  • Sal 4 the holidays/ flights were released yesterday 26/4/13 for Thomson, First Choice & Thomas cook.

    Brookie I priced up the kresten and they want ??4500 so that's out not only for us but think its a bit much for our guests too image
  • Hi there

    We are getting married in Sep and have booked to stay at La Marquise, it is very nice we went to have a look round last year when we were staying in Kolimbia. We also looked at Elysium which is close by also very nice. We also stayed at the Kresten Royal villas and spas for 3 nights in April, that is a nice hotel too. We have looked round a few as were thinking of gettingn married in a hotel but changed to agia sofia chapel which is beaut. Hope this helps??

    Ruth x

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