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Where abroad to get married child friendly??


We don't have loads of money and we have 3 children. We both don't follow tradition really but we have decided we want to get married. We prefer the idea of a small ceremony with a very select few guest some where hot with a gorgeous setting. 

the ideal would be.. 

2 weeks abroad fitting in hen/stag do, wedding day and honeymoon. We like the idea of a wedding breakfast altogether bride and groom and guests then off to get ready for a sunset wedding with dinner and dancing in the latter evening. 

We will have a full on party at home at a later date.

Anyone have suggestions on places that could for fill something close to our idea? 

Many thanks.. :0) 



  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018

    Italy is great for children and can be very romantic. Npt sure about for your stag and hend though if you want a rowdy pissup... Depends what you want really! 

    Zante seems to be popular for weddings and prob better for a 'traditional' stag / hen.



  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    I am getting married in malta and including all of that except were nothaving any children. on facebook there is a page called 'im getting married in malta' and there are lots of people on there who have taken parties wth children. Seabak hotel seems to bevery popular for families and its all inclusive so its very cost effective as i believe youjust pay for a private space but all the food is covered by the AL. I cant really give much more info re children as we dont have any but ifyour intrested in malta check the group out as thereare lots ofppeople who would be able to help and give advice from experience x

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    We got married in Paphos, Cyprus and lots of our guests brought their children

    Theres loads of nice venues, we had our reception at Elea Estate, which you have totally to yourselves and we had our meal dancing outside on the terraces, it's got stunning views


  • CasamamaCasamama Posts: 123

    Hi ya, im getting married to my wonderful partner in oludeniz turkey in 4 weeks time and am going out the weekend before.  we have a just turned two year old who will be with us. we are so excited that she will experience a sunny holiday with her parents getting married although im sure she wont remember it really.

    your plan sounds exactly like our plan.

    we are having 30 adults and 7 children including a 9 month old!

    there are two main wedding companies as far as i can see in oludeniz.  oludeniz weddings/ oludeniz beach weddings and carole and tayfun.  we choose the former as there were more venues to choose from but we didn't get any lower prices for the children.  carole and tayfun do reductions for children.

    im very fussy, so although we didn't check the venue in person, we knew we loved oludeniz and there were overall good reviews for the venue and company.

    i probaby email the planner based in turey about 2-3 times a week in the last few weks to get stuff finalised and i am feel that im getting a good service.

    if you want, message me in mid June and i can tell you what it went like for us but i understand you might want to book sooner rather than later.

    have fun browsing all the beatiful websites.

  • Cyprus, Rhodes, Zante etc seem popular destinations for people with children.  Ive gone with Santorini myself but thats not really child friendly.  Malta seems to have become pretty popular latly aswell and is child friendly.

    If your looking to use a planner i can recommend Ionian weddings, i have used them and they have been fabolous, i know there are specialised planners on the differnt islands aswell if you choose a greek destinations and many of the girls on here have fab recommendations for planners. xxx

  • Dani30Dani30 Posts: 2

    Brill! Thanks ladies for replying image.. I will have a read.. And look at suggestions.. very new to all this.. will do a bit of nosing and may request further help from you all.. 

    whoop! I just got very butterflies.. EXCITED. xx

  • Aesha2013Aesha2013 Posts: 44

    We're getting married in Crete.  It's only 3.45hours flight and so many hotels to choose from.  we;re using a wedding planner for the wedding, but booked the holiday through a travel agent.



  • MrsA2B3MrsA2B3 Posts: 357

    We went to the Dominican for my brothers wedding and we took our 7, 4 and 9mth old children and they we fine on the flight and had a great time image xx

  • MrsA2B3MrsA2B3 Posts: 357

    We are also going to a wedding in cyprus later this year image xx


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