Recommendations for weddings in Cyprus on a budget

Hi, Can anyone reccommend a nice place to get married in Cyrpus? Or anywhere abroad (has to be somewhere you only have to be in the country for a maximum of 3 days before getting married as we can only have a week holiday)

Were also hoping to do this as cheap as possible however we do have approx £5k to spend.

I'm new to all this so any advise would be appreciated.


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    Hi mrsb2b8, just wanted to let you know there is no legal requirement to be in Cyprus for 3 days before your wedding. Planners will tell you this but just because its their preference and gives you a few days to finalise things when you're there. We're marrying just outside Paphos this Sept. We arrive Wed, visit town hall Thurs, marry Mon. Could have married Fri if we wanted, but preferred Mon

    good luck with whatever you choose x

  • MrsB2B8MrsB2B8 Posts: 39

    Thank you! im learning already. Is there any other countries that this applies to? Which hotel have you choosen? Do you speak to the planner before you get there?

    Thanks for the advice x

  • Steph2913Steph2913 Posts: 352

    Sorry, I don't really know about other countries. The other thing to look into is whether the marriage is legal in that country or whether you have to do the legal stuff in the uk. Is legal in Cyprus so nothing to do back home, but not in others (I think France and Spain for example, but I'm not 100% sure)

    I don't have a planner. Doing all myself, direct with suppliers etc. and not getting married at a hotel. Staying in a villa for the week and marrying at a place called Vasilias, a small traditional taverna towards the troodos mountains 

    theres a 'Cyprus brides to be' chat room on Facebook that might be worth joining. Loads of past brides, b2bs and suppliers (venues, photographers, make up, cakes and planners etc). You'll be able to get a load of ideas and advice from there image

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    thats about the same as our budget we are having a pretty wedding as in only approx 15 people coming but we are having our ceremony at coral bay and also our reception there ... as i really wanted the gorgeous view but there were def cheaper options but it just totally depends on what your after... yeah my wedding planner told me she just needs one day before wedding to sort paper work out with us but thats it imagexx

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    We got married in Cyprus last year and used Linda at Paphos Total Weddings and I'd highly recommend her, she was so much help and was absolutley brilliant at getting back to us and with everything really!

    She knows all the local venues and I think your budget is totally do-able, how many guests are you planning to invite?

  • MrsB2B8MrsB2B8 Posts: 39

    Thanks everyone for the advice.

    Sal4 your wedding sounds perfect, quiet and personal, with gorgeous views.

    Maria, Thanks for the messages i'll def keep you in mind, im still in early stages and just doing research before i make any final decisions.

    Heliganeden, we would love the same as Sal4 nice quiet wedding but as we've started telling close friends and family when were planning it for we 've had more interest than we expected. I made a list and without having definates from everyone (just asking about) the list totals about 30. we were thinking of going to an all inclusive hotel to stay for the week and also possibly get married there. I think we want somewhere that we dont have to neccesarily pay for everyone's meal -thinking if its an all inclusive hotl where everyones staying we can have the usual meals? does this sort of thing happen?

    What normally happens with weddings abroad? unfotunately all the weddings i've been to have been in the UK.

    Really grateful for everyones advice and the best way to do things x

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    If you all stay at an all inclusive but have your meal there most will still charge for your meal for the wedding unless you have the standard buffet option offered and sit with everyone else, so if you want a private room/balcony area for your guests you'll have to pay

    We had our reception at the Elea estate, which was a private venue and the prices were quite reasonable and the venue hire was really low

    You can also get married on one of the yachts which sail from Pahos harbour, our friends did that the year before we did and their prices are good too - you can have your ceremony on the yacht in the harbour and then sail off for your reception

    Another option is having your reception meal at one of the tavernas which overlook the harbour, there's loads and they have beautiufl views overlooking the sea

    I've heard this venue mentioned quite a lot too, although I've never been

    I'd say, speak to a planner and ask for some options based on your budget, I found most planners were more than happy to give advice, ideas and costs before you having to sign up and pay anything image

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    Our planner also gave us total freedom to pick and choose exactly what we wanted, there was no 'set package' like you get with a travel agent, we just had everything bespoke

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    Also to disagree with Maria my planner gave me unlimited options for ceremony and reception she had far to much to chose from and did not push me in any direction to pick anything it was what I wanted after and when i met her i felt exaclty the same i cannot fault her and really get annoyed when other people slate other planners as they work their socks of and you should know this if you were a planner before in cyprus.  The price i got for reception and all my extras was the same as going direct i did not get any unexpectec costs and my package was personal to what I wanted not the planner.  I can only hope other brides feel the same and as other fellow brides who are using a planner.   

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    Hi, I'm getting married in Cyprus in 11 weeks!!! We are getting married just outside of Ayia Napa in a restaurant called the garden of eden. We are having both the ceremony and reception here. Jackie the wedding planner has been just amazing and so helpful!


  • MrsB2B8MrsB2B8 Posts: 39

    Hi LexieB2B, I'm glad you commented as i feel that i have so much choose and i really dont know which direction to turn. I have alot going on so a package holiday is sort of ideal for us. Although of course i want it to be perfect were both very laid back people and as long as were married we dont really mind about the little things. Please can you tell me which agent you booked through?

    Maria, I really appreciate your comments and i will def keep you in mind.


    Mrs H2b did you book yours through an agent as a package holiday or direct with a planner in Cyrpus? Girls can i ask what your budget was, and how many guests you have/had? xx

  • Messy2beMessy2be Posts: 151

    Hiya chick! I'm getting married in Turkey. There is no legal requirement for a 3day stay before you get married. We've used a wedding planner xx

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    Hi LexieB2B i also agree with your comment my planner was amazing and did not pressure me into anything,I changed my mind a 100 times and ask so many questions to which i got everything answered and it was no problem for her.  I even asked about a hotel that was not on her website and she was still more than happy to organise everything. I can highly recommend to any fellow worrying brides Joanne from Paphosweddingsmadeeasy nothing was to much bother for her and she gave me lovely ideas and inspiration.    

  • MrsH_2bMrsH_2b Posts: 110

    Hia hun, I booked an all inclusive package holiday through Thomas cook, but then booked the wedding direct with the garden of eden. It has all been really easy, Jackie the planner at goe sorts all paper work for you, she is there with you every step of the way and all for a really good price too! xxx

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    We booked our hotel direct, our flights with jet2 and our wedding through a planner. We let our guests know where we were staying but they all sorted out their own holidays individually, some stayed with us and some stayed elsewhere, we wanted to give everyone the chance to make their holiday their own, different budgets and personal preference etc - plus getting involved in group bookings sounded like far too much stress to me! 

  • LexieB2BLexieB2B Posts: 32

    I booked our holiday as a package and booked wedding separate also with planner.  My guests had the option to stay in our hotel or pick their own which they all preferred to make own choice. KBride2BE i have also booked with same planner and agree at how great they have been and patient they will go out their way to help find you what you want and without expensive costs.    

  • Is your 5grand budget for everything?

    The hotels we have been looking at are around 4k for a 2week all inclusive for the 2 of us and 2 kids and then the weddings with tour operators are coming in between £500-800.

    im thinking if we book somewhere outside of hotel for reception it's going to work out more than if we have the reception in the hotel?? And then still have dress etc to get too!!!


  • MrsB2B8MrsB2B8 Posts: 39

    Maria, no friction sorry if it sounded that way. you've def not been pushy just been wedding things in general. even family members giving their input image

    RachG , 5k is just an estimate, i have found the hotel i think i like the look of but still doing my research. I think i priced it at around £1080 per person (only a week), approx £800 on top for wedding package (not sure what's included in this) then dresses, suits etc on top. Our guests are all paying for themselves although we will be paying for my step daughter to be and her bf so will def go over the 5k mark. I havent been into the travel agents yet to prive the holiday just looked online and brochures. im thinking of contacting the hotel direct and booking the wedding as i heard you can get more for your money? Which hotel and dates are you looking at?

    I've been looking at 29th June for a week @ Olympic Lagoon Resort.


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