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Wedding in Cyprus - Capo bay!

Hi I'm new to these forums & looking for some advice.

I would really love to get married at Capo bay but have no idea where to start with the planning! Am I best going through travel agents, hotel or independent wedding coordinator? Has anyone got any recommendations for wedding coordinators in protaras area?

im also wondering wether the wedding at capo bay could be done with a budget of 5-6k? I'm planning on having my reception at a local resteraunt as there will only be about 20 of us. 



  • You must speak to Jackie Baxter at the Garden of Eden. She is fab!

    Be sure to tell her Brenda sent you!

  • RachMRachM Posts: 2

    Hi MrsC to be

    Congratulations on your engagement! 

    It depends on what you picture for your wedding day really.

    Travel agents offer general basic packages that you add on to a holiday. You book your holiday package and can then choose a wedding package for the hotel you are staying in (providing they do weddings of course), or you can choose an outside ceremony venue such as one of the churches or town hall then return to the hotel for your reception. The wedding package is likely to include a set meal for the wedding breakfast, a set number of pictures, buttonhole and bouquet for the bride, transport to town hall to get legal paperwork and the use of a planner whilst in Cyprus, a one tier wedding cake, that sort of thing. Some of the bigger hotels will have a choice of ceremony venues, in the grounds or on the beach etc. 

    Alternatively, if you are looking for something more traditional then you could hire a planner and choose a ceremony venue and reception venue independently. As if you were booking in the UK. 

    I used to be a travel agent and am planning my own wedding in Cyprus so if I can be of any help then feel free to message me. Im sure a budget of 5-6k is reasonable, a booking through a travel agent for this would certainly be reasonable. Hotel Capo Bay with Thomson offers weddings from £1799 plus the cost of your holiday, you can add any extras that are not included using your wedding planner. 

    Hope this helps! 




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