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Help What flowers are you having?

I have to choose my flowers...for your wedding in Greece. What is everybody else having?


  • Pammie6871Pammie6871 Posts: 47
    I'm either having roses or local flowers. Wont know until I get there and look at the florists. Whatever I choose they will probably be all shrivled up by the end of the day anyway so local flowers may be a cheaper option. I havent decided what to do with the flowers after, great thats another thing for me to think about!!!???!!
  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    I'm not sure I'm just collecting ideas at the moment.. I'm thinking of a bouquet of roses not sure what style the arrangment is actually called but it looks very trendy. If I find a picture on the net I'll post the link for you.
  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Hi Sass

    I plan to have an arrangement of roses with Crystals. Sounds quite trendy - not the usual bridal bouquet but I don't have a picture that I can put on here. I'll try and find it on a website and post the link for you

  • KenyatwoKenyatwo Posts: 945
    Have no idea as don't sort flowers til get to hotel a week before wedding on hotel website there is a wedding photo gallery and looks like most brides have roses so keeping open mind have decided if I was that fussed would have got married here. To be honest looking forward to not knowing til last minute
  • kategriffithkategriffith Posts: 513
    Hi, We are getting married in Cyprus and we are having orange Gerberas!! my favourite flowers - so glad I've found them!!!! i am have ordered them for September as was warned by the florist and MIL that the rest of cyprus is closed down for the month of August and unless you order you won't get what you want!!

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  • I'm taking silk flowers with me so i can put them on my mums grave when i get back. Have decided on burgundy cala lilies for mine & cream for my bridesmaid
  • maleiacmaleiac Posts: 34
    im not sure on flowers either. not sure if to go all white which looks very elegant or romantic pink . im still undecided. what you think ?
  • claret25claret25 Posts: 98
    I have no idea!

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