may 2014 planning help..who to book with?!

hi all,

we are hoping to get married in turkey may 2014 and have found a venue we love in turkey ...only uk tour operator for the hotel is thomas cook. However, so far im finding the specific info i can get from them is minimal and thier wedding team have not answered the phone to the travel agent ( in the same company!!) for the last 3 days! as time is ticking on, im starting to wonder whether this is the best route..i originally thought the safest option would be going through a face to face agent but they dont seem to be coming up with the info i need. Have others just booked and sorted out the finer details?

also having a bit of a stress about how to accomadate guests...particularly ones who want to share the week with us but cant afford the hotel weve selected..i know the general advice is 'its your day'..forget everyone else but easier said than done. I would be grateful for any advice re: how others have overcome this hurdle

thanks image

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