What is h2b wearing?

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Hellooo thought it had been quite quiet on here lately! So just out of interest what is your OH wearing on your wedding day..linen or normal suit?Xx


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    H2b wants waistcoat, shirt, tie and trousers...... But struggling to find it in the right colour ( sand/beige/stone). 

    N I thought dresses were going to be the hard bit! image

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    think I am being a bit cruel! I have insisted my men wear jackets! Gor a pretty lightweight bluey-grey suit. It's only because someone i knew got married in cyprus and all the photos had men in shirts with huge sweat patches! no thanks lol! can take their jackets off after pictures! x

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    my friend had white shirts with pink cravets! the best man had huge sweat patches circular from his pits over his chest! lol

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    Haha! When we went to the dominican we saw men in full suits and they just looked too hot! 

    origally we said about him wearing white linen trousers/shorts and a white linen shirt too as we both said we r getting married on a beach so look the part.  But now his not sure if he would rather weat a light grey suit with just a waist coat so just thought i would see what everyone else is doing!xx


    iv just seen on a Facebook group of the hotel we r getting married at someone gt their suits from slaters so have just requested a brochure to have a look through 

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    i got our suits from slaters! x


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    H2B has bought a new charcoal kilt jacket and waistcoat. BM and Ushers are wearing their own kilts and jackets with black shirts. Ushers are wearing black ties and BM and H2B red knitted ties.  H2B got new kilt shoes, socks and a sgian dubh for Christmas so he is sorted!

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    Lea were they expensive if you don't mind me asking? I have never heard of the company before! I tried searching to see if there is one near me but none came up! Xx

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    Hi no not ours! It really depends what you want. They have an offer on where you can get a suit, shirt, tie (we already had our ties so just got random ones) and shoes for £75.00. The suits are really good quality and there are free alterations for life! Obviously you can get dearer ones, but h2b hardly ever wears suits being a pe teacher so he wasn't bothered about expensive ones, They do designers too like hugo boss and ted baker. The customer service is so good. Think they are a northern company I know there are branches in Liverpool, Manchester and Bolton. The shoes aren't very good quality and no one said they are going to wear them. We actually sold h2b's on ebay for £25.00.

    They do have a website though xxx

  • My h2b, best men and dads are all wearing full suits inc waistcoats, he said it would feel weird getting married in something else!

    we are having an early evening ceremony though so it won't be as hot and they can take the jackets off after.


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