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Bobbi Brown Vs Mac?

Hi, this coulve really gone in either Hair&Make up but thought here would be best as im looking to do my own bridal make up in St Lucia.

Ive never been the one to spend masses on makeup and to be honest, the thought of going to those make up counters is a bit intimidating. BUT i would like to spend a bit of money on some quality make up and learn some techniques to look ok on the day (apparently wearing a paper bag over my head isnt an option according to h2b!). My nearest counters are about an hours drive away, so id really like to do it one go (though i dont mind picking up extra bits in duty free on the way out!image ), so if anyone has any reccomendations or advice, id really appreciate it! 

Thanks! image


  • PersephonePersephone Posts: 83

    Technique and tools are arguably more important then the makeup itself. I'd pay more for the foundation etc and go cheap on things like eye makeup. Bare minerals might be a good option for a destination wedding and they do a starter pack!

  • Debs270613Debs270613 Posts: 225

    I agree with you there Persphone (i have a mac foundation brush which has lasted me a good couple of years!). I tried bare minerals which were great, didnt work so well on dry patches (tho im going by its going to be hot and fairly sweaty, so dont really want make up sliding off my face!)

    just reread my post back..(made sense in my head!) but i did mean to go and do a single make over type thing to find the products and then pick them up when we actually fly out. image

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