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Hi there....  for our wedding/familymoon, we have 2 joining rooms to accomodate my h2b and our 3 kids...   hopefully us in one room, kids in another!!   On the night before the wedding did you part from your other half so they dont see you, like, tradition??  Im not sure it will be possible for us, unless he stays with his parents but they arent staying at our hotel?!?!?   Or does tradition go out the window??  how does it work??


  • Hi Beverley we had the same dilemma as we've already got children. My h2b is staying at home with his "best men" the night before and me and the girls are staying at the hotel on the Friday night before (the same hotel where we are having our reception).  We are having a girlie night with my sisters and mum which will be nice. My h2b is quite a traditionalist and i think it will be nice to have the night apart before the BIG day.


  • hi thanks for replying....  i forgot to mention we are getting married and honey/family moon in cyprus... so i cant leave my h2b at home with the boys!!!   haha......  he could go to the joining room but who has the kids?!?!?  and the door between rooms wont be locked so we are bound to see each other!   There will be no room in our hotel to accomodate the 2 mums with me over night either..... my bridesmaid is going to be my little girl and her brothers are page boysimage  maybe the boys can stay in one room with daddy and my girl with me!! i dunno lol.

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    We got married abroad, my OH went and stayed with his sister and her husband in their hotel room and I stayed in our room on my own - people kept asking me why I didn't want anyone staying with me but I got such a chilled out night's sleep it was fab!!

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    Hi, We are planning for the h2b to go and stay in my sisters room and my sister will join me in my room. Is there any other family coming?! Staying at your hotel?! If you aren't bothered about traditon then you can stay in the same room I know a few people that have done that. I guess I hate the idea of spending the night apart from h2b but looking forward to him seeing me for the first time down the aisle x

  • Yeah, i love tradition......  my mum, her fiance, my brother and his wife i think are planning on staying at the elysium hotel which is further up the island so not sure thats any use...  his parents and brother are getting a 1 bedroomed apartment....  so i cant see that being an option either??  Unless he heads there on a sofa but his brother will be having the sofa!    If he does that though, im left with the kids!!! image   Theres not a lot of us going out.... 


  • My OH is stayed with his bother is another hotel and im staying with my sister in my room! xxxx

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