Just booked my wedding!

Hi there. I am new to the site but would love to chat to other abroad brides! We have just booked out wedding abroad for March 2014. We are going to the new Sandals resort in Grenada and have booked directly through Sandals. I am very excited but also a little overwhelmed by it all. I'm hoping Sandals will take care of most of the arrangements but there's still the issue of the dress etc to contend with!

We're going it alone (just h2b and I) so it would be really nice to be able to chat to other brides to be in my situation.

Thanks for reading!

Laura x


  • Hi Laura

    I am getting married in Barbados just the two of us... we have done through Virgin who have been great with dealing with all the details.

    I have got my dress from Monsoon - very light and is 100% silk so will be cool too (pic here http://www.youandyourwedding.co.uk/forum/planning/getting-married-in-barbados-in-november/388804.html )

    What has made you go it alone? For us it was family issues but also couldn't stand the fuss or expense of this country. Have had a few seond thoughts and wobbles (mainly set off from family comments) but know this is best for us.

    On the actual day itself, we have booked the wedding for 3pm so will have a few hours free on the beach in the morning, spa for a few hours for treatments and then get ready after lunch. After the ceremony we're having photographs and bubbly on the beach with cake and canapes before heading off for dinner in the evening.

    Have you had any thoughts about how you want your day?

    Sue x



  • Hi Sue

    Congratulations! Although we have booked via Sandals, we're flying with Virgin so it's good to know they are decent.

    Your dress is gorgeous! I haven't thought about dresses yet as I'm trying to lose some weight but will definitely be looking at Monsoon.

    The main reason that we are going it alone is that 1) my fiance hates being the centre of attention and 2) it would be a totally one sided wedding as he only really has his Mum and Dad whereas I have a huge family! We've not arranged our wedding day plans yet but getting married at 4pm so I'd imagine they will be very similar to yours. I'm not too fussed about the actual ceremony (as low kwy as possible) but it would maybe be nice to have a fancy dinner on the beach or something.

    Hope your planning is coming together!


    Laura xx

  • I would hate to be the centre of attention - I would be terrified of crying and making myself look like an idiot!

    I would defintely start looking for a dress ... My friend told me that the selection over the winter really dwindles (it's true, it does!).

    You should keep an eye out for a bargain at the end of the summer.

    Are you planning on having a party when you get back? We're pretty much there with everything and have booked our at-home party. We weren't going to bother but I am glad we are now, it's our way of involving our family and friends without all the formality (we're just having a buffet at a local lounge-style bar followed by dancing).

    I have also ordered my bouquet from a company called Silk Blooms... Virgin do supply a bouquet but I really like flowers and had found silk ones for my hair and wanted my bouquet to match (ish) plus it's a great keep sake.

    How do the Sandals packages work out? Are they good value? Have you thought about what he'll wear?! (Tougher than I thought!)

    Sue x


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